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GDS Online Engagement 2022 | GDS Online Apply Process 2022 | India Post GDS (Gramin Dak Sevak) online Engagement time schedule | GDS Online Selection Application Calendar 2022

GDS Recruitment 2022. GDS(Gramin Dak Sevaks) Online Engagement Process. GDS Online Selection Process. This is regarding implementation of revised GDS online engagement process 2022. 

2.   I would like to invite your personal attention on notification of GDS vacancies through revised GDS online engagement process. The Competent Authority has approved to implement revised GDS online engagement process by notifying of GDS vacancies w.e.f 02.05.2022 as per schedule given below:-

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GDS Online Engagement Time Schedule 2022


Data  entry  and freezing  the vacancies by the Divisions

11.04.2022 (Monday) to 24.04.2022


Rechecking of data entry by the Divisions


Approval by Circles after freezing the data entry by Divisions

25.04.2022 to 27.04.2022


Time for CEPT to generate the Division wise  notifications  and make the solution ready to go live for candidates

28.04.2022 to 30.04.2022


Issue of notifications and go live



Submission of application

02.05.2022 to 05.06.2022


Result declaration

10.06.2022 onwards


Validity of the selection list


3.  All the HoCs are requested ensure completion of the following tasks:-

(i)   Calculations and notification of all GDS vacancies at Division level.

(ii) The notification by the Division shall be issued w.e.f 02.05.2022 by  taking  anticipated  vacancies  upto  30.D6.2022. Only  one notification is proposed to be  issued for the year of 2022.

(iii) From the year 2023, the process would be on a half yearly basis i.e from 01st of January and 01st of July every year by taking the anticipated vacancies till 31st march of the year for January schedule and anticipated vacancies till 30th September for July  Schedule.

(iv)  Circles/Regions/Divisions shall finalize all pending requests for Limited Transfer received upto 31.03.2022 before notification of vacancies.  Circles  shall  also  complete/finalize  all  pending requests (upto 28.02.2022) for compassionate engagement in GDS before notifications of vacancies.

(v)  Vacancies  must  be  uploaded  by  Divisions  on  schedule  in consultation  with  CEPT  well  in time as per revised model notiñcation, so that schedule is adhered to.

(vi)  Vacancies already notified/in pipeline under Cycle 2nd and Cycle 3of GDS online engagement process shall be continued until completion of one year from declaration of result or until exhaustion of panel of 5 candidates. In case, panel of 5 candidate is exhausted or one year of declaration of result is completed, these vacancies must be taken in calculation for notification.

(vii)  Circles shall calculate Division wise vacancies well in advance and will intimate to this Directorate by 28  April 22.

(viii) All HOCs may ensure that. engagi=9 units are strictly following approved draft notifications to notify GDS vacancies through revised GDS one ine engagement process.

(ix)  A certificate by DPS (HQ) for completion of above prepatory works  alongwith  total  Division  wise vacancies  to be notified may be furnished to this Directorate 28th April 22.

(x)  HOCs  may  issue  suitable  instructions  to  all  concerned immediately.

4.   CGN, CEPT Bengaluru and GM Operations, CEPT Mysuru must ensure to complete the following works: -

(i)  Modification in online engagement software to incorporate the all the modifications as approved.

(ii)  Revised approved Plodel notification may be configured in GDS online engagement software immediately.  CEPT also ensure to notify GDS vacancies in revised GDS one ine engagement process as per revised and approved Model notification.

(iii)  Detailed SOP on revised GDS online engagement process will be circulated by CEPT  immediately.

(iv)  Stepfmay be taken to avoid confusion among engaging units, on acceptable subjects and marks obtained therein, calculation of marks for merit etc.

(v)  Steps may be taken for verification of educational qualification through Digilocker.

(vi) A compliance report may be sent to this office by 30th April 2022 positively.

5.   I would be grateful, if you would take immediate action accordingly.

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