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IPPB End User Mobile Device Management Policy | End User (GDS/Postman/PA) Mobile phone Management Policy

 IPPB End User Device Management Policy:

Device Management policy is for end users who are given smartphone and biometric devices for banking purpose. Please find the details of the devices:

**Device type make and model will keep changing with new procurements

Device Custodian is responsible for:

• Custodians will retain responsibility for the devices issued to them until it is returned to the device owner for redeployment or disposal.

• Ensure appropriate level of physical security is given to the devices

• Use of devices is strictly for official purposes only.

• At the time of Exit/retirement/transfer/promotion all the IT assets must be handed over to Device owner and No due certificate should be signed (See Annexure A for sample)

• In case of malfunction of device, hand over the faulty device to Device owner and get replacement of the device.

• In case of Lost/Stolen, FIR need to be filed and application should be submitted to Service provider for duplicate SIM issuance (in case smartphone is lost). Same should be informed to Device owner and asset register should be updated.

Device owner responsibility:

• Ensure Asset Tracker is properly updated with device custodian details every time when a change happens.

• Receive and redeploy IT assets for transfers/promotions.

• In case of malfunctioning device, replace the device from buffer stock and work with the global service desk and create a ticket. Please notify the ticket number and serial number of devices to IT team (itinventory@ippbonline.in)

• Creating an asset list prior to disposal by an approved disposal company

• Marking equipment in case of lost stolen.

• Random checks to ensure Asset are assigned correctly.

• Circle branch managers should be consolidating all asset details monthly.

• Circle branch Manager will be updating corporate IT team (email – itinventory@ippbonline.in) on first Friday of the month for any updates.

Note: This is a draft policy and will be subject to changes.

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