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EOY (End of the Year) Instructions 2022 | Continued Instruction regarding execution of EOY for 2021-22 in CBS Post Offices

In continuation of EOY instructions provided by FS Division of Directorate (Document attached), the following points are re-iterated for information and necessary action.

• All CBS Post Offices, on 31/03/2022, should ensure early verification of all the transactions so that there are no EOD Blocking transactions at 1700 hours. All CBS Post Offices should complete HISCOD latest by 1800 hours, delay in completion of HISCOD will have cascading effect in EOY completion. 

• HISCOD and HSCOD will be disabled for all users on 31/03/2022 and HISCOD will be enabled at 1400 Hrs for all users. 

• On submission of HISCOD on 31/03/2022, users of the SOLs will be disabled and no further transactions will be allowed. Status on enabling Finacle users will be updated by CEPT team on 02/04/2022 (Afternoon).

• We will be disabling certain menus as per requirements during EOY Batch execution: CPCs will be kept informed from time-to-time on this and should coordinate with their SOLs & update them whenever necessary.

• CTS Nodal office should clearly follow the instructions given in the attachment and ensure completion of HISCOD for Grid SOLs (60000100, 40000100, 11000000) soon after completion of special clearing on 31/03/2022. Operations can be resumed on 02/04/2022 on receipt of confirmation mail from CEPT team.

• Interest posting will not happen for accounts with pending verification.

• All PPF/SSA accounts not funded completely or funded with amount lesser than the prescribed minimum, as on 31/03/2022 will be marked as invalid.

• All circles are requested to ensure availability of delegated resources at CPCs until completion of HSCOD for 31/03/2022.  


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