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PA SA DEST 2022 | Conduct of Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) in respect of qualified candidates of examination for promotion of LGOs(GDS) to PA/SA held on 24-10-2021.

No. R&E/1-12/LGO & GDS/2021/DEST dated at Bengaluru 560001 the 09.02.2022

SUB: Conduct of Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) in respect of qualified candidates of examination for promotion of LGOs to PA/SA held on 24-10-2021.

This is regarding Data Entry Skill Test (DEST) scheduled to be conducted on 20.02.2022 (Sunday). In this regard, the competent authority has decided to hold DEST at Regional level in respect of the LGO qualified candidates for promotion to the cadre of PA/SA.

2. The tentative qualified list of LGO along with not qualified list / absentee list will be uploaded in the Karnataka post website shortly. These lists will be tentative until confirmation of category and regularization of provisionally permitted candidates by the concerned Regional / Divisional Heads.

3. The Regional Heads are requested to prepare a rubber stamp as below, to be impressed on the respective Hall permits. The Hall permits are to be signed by the respective Assistant Directors. The Hall permits have to be sent to respective Divisions to hand it over to the concerned candidates.

4. A fresh option form (Copy enclosed) may be sent to all the qualified candidates with a request to bring the same, duly filled up, along with the hall permit on the examination day i.e., 20.02.2022. The same will be collected at the venue by respective Regions and to be kept at RO under safe custody.

5. The qualified candidates should exercise preference for all recruiting Divisions/ units, where there is availability of vacancies, except parent Division for consideration. In case, preference is exercised for a limited number of Divisions/ units, if they could not be allocated to one of those limited units as per merit vis a vis vacancy in the category to which he/she belong to, he /she will not be considered for other recruiting units not preferred even though a candidate lower in merit (with less marks) is considered based on his/her option for that unit. Order of preference once exercised is FINAL ANO SHALL NOT BE CHANGED. This may be brought to the notice of all qualified LGO candidates.

6. The candidates shall be allowed to DEST on production of Hall permits issued by Regions. Without the Hall permits, candidates shall not be allowed to attend DEST. The candidates may be instructed to carry the Admit Card/Hall Permit issued to him and his DepartmentID Card along with a copy of the ID card and also Option / preference form.

7. The Regions are requested to identify the Venue for the DEST and communicate to all the Divisions under their jurisdiction immediately.

8. Regions/Divisions are directed to inform the candidates about the date and venue of DEST after receipt of this letter.

9. It is to inform that the Department has uploaded the functional prototype of the application in the website for the DEST held on 09-02-2020 in the IinK in/exam.html. The candidates may be asked to familiarize and practice themselves from the above link.

10. As per the Directorate letter no.17-08/2018-SPN-I dated 09.09.2021, the DEST will be conducted in different shifts / batches with time schedule for the test will be 15 minutes and maximum marks shall be 25. However, there may be good number of formalities to be completed before and after the test. The arrangement of the computer labs etc will be made in view of the time required for each shift / batch. The tentative batch timings may be fixed as follows with a lunch break between 1-00 to 1-30 PM. It is requested to allot the batch number and timings of the candidates pertaining to your region as per the schedule.

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