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    Latest IPPB commission/ incentive structure 2022 | Revised IPPB commission/ incentive structure based on OM dated 14.01.2022.

    Revised IPPB commission/ incentive structure:- The following modifications/ changes have been incorporated in the incentive structure as per the Office Memorandum dated 14th January, 2022 :- Earlier all parts of incentives earned were shared with end users from IPPB’s end. In order to increase revenue for organization & to boost up Business further, the following changes are made in the incentive structure – 

     1. Committee has started introduction of sharing of commission for DOP on revenue generating transactions along with end users. 

     2. Differential incentive structure for various products & services introduced by IPPB a. Products / Services where end user effort is not high such as cash management, loan sourcing & counter services, DOP will earn higher commission compared to end users. DoP’s Share is 80% of Incentive/Commission and EU Share is 20% b. Products/ services where end users effort is high such as AEPS, DMT Cash, Door Step Services, Bill payment(counter), CELC, DLC, LI, GI, Mutual Fund, PMJJBY, end user incentive is on higher side . DoP’s Share is 20% of Incentive/Commission and EU Share is 80% 

    3. Slab wise incentive structure for end users have been proposed in order to boost business. Two different slabs have been proposed as of now –

    If L0 i.e the end user does <=25 Revenue Generating Transactions in a month:

    Normal incentive as per Table 1- 40% of the total revenue earned

    lf L0 i.e at the end user does >25 Revenue Generating Transactions in a month:

    Additional incentive 10% of incentive amount earned by End User (L0 only) in that month will be paid as a bonus- 40% of the total revenue earned

    Share of incentive/Commission from IPPB to DOP for income Generating Transactions is increased from 30% to 40%

     4. Commission to DOP on CASA Balance:- Until date there was no commission to DOP on Casa Balance maintained for IPPB Accounts. One of the reason for low Casa balance in accounts has been absence of incentive to end users / DOP on balance build-up .Accordingly it has been decided to share commission with DOP on the incremental Balance maintained in the Accounts, this will increase the growth of CASA balance & POSA linkage thereof Please note that additional commission will be received by DOP only after achievement of IPPB Casa balance target achievement.

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