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IPPB CELC KE SITARE (01.02.2022 to 31.03.2022) | IPPB CELC Ke Sitare Contest 2022

 Please find below features/clarifications with respect to the CELC campaign for your kind information please. Modifications  The Achievements of all Active EUs will be considered from 1st Feb 2022 for Gifts (Slabs)  The Achievements of all Hierarchy levels will also be considered from 1st Feb 2022 for Gifts (Slabs)  

We are including L3M inactive EUs who have done <100 CELC Txn till Oct, 2021 but haven’t done any CELC txn in Last 3 months (List attached) in CELC ke Ubharte sitare (Rewards 3K for biometric) to benefit those EUs who were activated on some other EU’s Mantra device, Now these EUs can also win 3000 Rs for biometric by doing 100 txn from 1st to 15th Feb 2022, please note achievements for these EUs for Gifts contest (Slab) will be considered from 16th Feb 2022 to 31st March as we have already being paying them (3K + 1K) incentive for doing 100 txns inbetween 1st to 15th Feb 2022. 

Clarifications  Slabs Slabs 50-199 200-499 500-999 1000-2999 3000-4999 5000+ Gifts Battery Bank/ Bluetooth Earphones Steam Iron/ Toaster Microwave/ Induction cook top Smart Phone/ Washing Machine /Refrigerator Smart TV / Laptop Scooty  No restriction of number of winners in any EU Gift slab  EU slabs achievements is not linked to Hierarchy level target achievements (If an EU does 5K txns, He/She will get his/her Gift irrespective of Branch, Circle achieveing the targets).  

All Hierarchy (Division, Branch, Region & Circle) levels need to achieve their 100% assigned targets for R&R  In CELC ke Ubharte sitare Minimum 7 txns per day is for illustration, EU Need to do cumulative 100 during 1st Feb 2022 to 15th Feb 2022

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