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Treatment/regularization of leave during Covid-19 (third wave) | OM Regarding COVID-19 (Third Wave) Leave Regularization

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Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Economic Affairs

North Block, New Delhi

Dated 17th January 2022


Sub: Treatment/regularization of leave during Covid-19 (third wave) — regarding.

The number of cases of infection due to COVID-19 in the Department of Economic Affairs has been on the rise during the past weeks. In absence of explicit instructions from DOPT for handling /regularization of leave in third wave, it has been decided that matters such as isolation period/home quarantine/leave etc would be in accordance with instructions issued by ICMR and Ministry of Health and Family Welfare vide their OM dated 05.01.2022 and previous orders issued by DEA on 22.12.2020, in the following manner :


1. When the Govt. Servant himself is COVID Positive and is in home isolation /quarantine.

- Shall be granted Commuted Leave up to 07 days, if due and admissible on mere production of Covid Positive report.

2. When the dependent family  member of Govt. Servant is COVID positive or parents, whether dependent or not, living with him/her are COVID positive

The Govt. Servant may be allowed to work from home for a period of 07 days with the approval of Divisional Head. In this case, the discretion of Divisional Head shall be final.

3. When the Government Servant comes into direct contact with a COVID positive person.

 The officer may be allowed to work from home for next 3 days and maximum for 7 days, with the approval of Divisional Head.

2. This office memorandum shall be valid until further orders or till the issuance of orders by DOPT in this regard.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.


(Himanshu Gandhi )

Under Secretary to the Government of India

Phone 23092673


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