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PLI Online Payment 2022 | PLI/RPLI Policies Online Payments through Android Mobile Phone | PLI Online Payment Through Postinfo APP of India Post/DOP

PLI/RPLI Online Payment 2022:- Hai, friends, do you know how to pay online payment for PLI/RPLI Policies?  I am sure that you are still searching the online procedure to pay your Postal life Insurance premium payment for your PLI policy in 2022. Now you are right in place, here I am sharing all information for PLI/RPLI online payment.

Just read the post, and online premium for PLI in simple steps.

Procedure Online payment for PLI

In 2022, you can pay PLI premium online through PLI Online Portal, PLI Payment app and much more. You can also use all payment method like pay using credit card, debit card, UPI, etc. So, Here I am explaining step by step full procedure for online payment of PLI premium using all methods.

There are two minimum requirements to pay PLI online.
01. Mobile number should be registered in your PLI Policy.
02. Email ID should be registered in PLI Policy.

You can also check that mobile number and email id are already registered in your PLI policy or not. Just check the same at online PLI Portal from the below link. If your mobile number and email Id is already added in your PLI policy, then you can register to create customer ID and password.

If your mobile number and email Id is not added in your Pli policy then you have to follow below procedure.

Note: Mobile number and email Id should be added in your PLI Policy.

How to update mobile number and email ID in PLI policy

  • 01. Visit the home branch post office or PLI CPC branch.
  • 02. Write an application for updation of mobile number and email id in PLI policy.
  • 03. Submit the application to clerk of that post office. 
  • 04. He will update the same as requested by you.
How to Pay Online PLI Payment Through Android Phone?

01. Download Postinfo App from the Google Play store
02. Then Go to Insurance Section
03. Then Continue with below mentioned Steps
  • Register at PLI customer portal to pay PLI premium online

    Register yourself online at PLI customer portal by using your pli policy number, mobile number and email. follow the below procedure to register the same for online payment of PLI.

    01. Generate Customer ID

    It is also called PLI Customer Online Portal.

    Click on generate Customer ID and fill all the details as per your PLI policy document.

    Click on submit.

  • After clicking on the submit button following message will pop up.

  • Customer Id and registration link will be sent to your registered email Id within 24 hrs. This link is valid for 72 hrs only. You have to visit the registration link before 72 hrs.

    02. Set your password

    Click on the registration link which is received in your email Id inbox. Set password page will open.

    Enter your password as you required and click on set password button.
  • A successful message will appear that "your account has been registered successfully. You may log in with your credentials after 24 hrs."

    Now you will able to pay PLI online payment of premium for your policy by using a credit card/debit card.
  • 03. login in PLI customer online portal and pay online PLI premium

    After 24 hrs of password set, log in to the following website (PLI customer portal) by using customer id (which sent to your email Id) and password (which created by you).

    The following page will open after login. just click on payments and select pay premium option.
  • Select your policy and click on pay premium.

    Next, the following page will open after clicking on pay premium. here you can select the number of installments premium.

    Click on confirm payment after selecting installments.

    Confirm the total premium amount as installments selected and click on pay now button. 

    Payment method will open after clicking on Pay now, as below

    Fill the credit card or debit card details and click on the submit button. enter the OTP and make payment.

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