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    DOP Latest Transfer Policy Guidelines | dated 17.01.2019 | Assessment of vacancy for considering Transfer Request

     No. X-12/6/2021-SPN-II

    Government of India. Ministry of Communications.

     Department of Posts

    Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi — 1 10 001

    Dated:  5th January, 2022


    a) All Chief Postmaster General

    b) Chief General Manager. PU / Parcel / BD Directorate

    c) Chief Genei at Manager, CEPT / Director RAKNPA / Director of alI PTCs

    d) Addl. Director General, Amiy Postal Service

    e) All General Manager (F mance) / Director Postal Accounts / DDAP 

    Subject: Transfer Policy Guidelines dated 17.01.2019 — reg.


    I am directed to refer to Directorate letter no. X- I 2/6/202 I -SPN-lI(2) dated

    31.12.2021 on the above mentioned subject and to say that point no. (xv) of Appendix to aforesaid letter is substituted as under:-

    (xv)  Assessment of vacancy for considering Transfer Request:-

    a. At the start of the recruitment year, i.e. in the Month of January, all recruitments units shall assess vacancy for a particular recruitment year (e.g. for 2022 recruitment year. vacancies during the period 01.01.2022 to 31.12.2022) and distribute it amongst various modes of recruitment as provided in the Recruitment Rules and within each mode amongst various categories as prescribed. This shall be termed as ‘Provisional Vacancy’ for different mode of recruitment and category. which will be taken into consideration for transfer under Rule-38.

    b. While assessing the vacancy  as at (a) above, ‘ Final Vacancy’ of previous recruitment year for each mode of recruitments, where candidates are yet to be selected / appointed. shall be excluded. However. vacancy due to non-availability/ non-joining of candidates, whether as backlog of reserved vacancy or otherwise, and min foreseen vacancy of previous recruitment year not considered while arriving at Final Vacancy ’ of previous recruitment year, will be included.

    c. As these vacancies are forecasted, these will actually arise round the year in different months. The ‘ Provisional Vacancy‘ will undergo change in case there are unforeseen vacancies not considered earlier. Such unforeseen vacancies shall be added to the total provisional vacancy assessed earlier for distribution amongst various modes of recruitment as provided in the Recruitment Rules and within each mode amongst various categories as prescribed.

    d. While issuing notification for examinations conducted by the Department, ‘Provisional Vacancy’, calculated as (a) (b) & (c) above, as on the date of issue of notification shall be notified. The notification shall clearly mention that vacancy notified is ‘Tentative subject to change’. At the time of declaration of results, ‘Provisional Vacancy’, calculated as (a), (b) & (c) above, as on the date of publication of results shall be treated as ‘Final Vacancy’ for all modes of recruitment and list of successful candidates of examination conducted by the Department shall be published accordingly.

    e. If for any reason, notification for examination is not issued or results of examination conducted are not published in the same recruitment year, vacancy on the last day of the recruitment year shall be treated as the ‘Final Vacancy’ for all modes of recruitment for recruitment year.

    f. ‘Final Vacancy’ as per (d) or (e) above shall not undergo any further change for that recruitment year.

    g. Based on the ‘Final vacancy’ as above, vacancy to be earmarked for Compassionate appointment and Sports quota recruitment will be decided.

    h. Inter-Circle / Intra — Circle transfers under Rule 38 shall be considered on monthly basis, as provided in preceding paragraphs, on the basis of actual vacancy at the start of the month subject to following conditions:-

    i. In case of MTS / Postman / Mail Guard, Transfer under Rule-38 (both Inter-Circle & Intra — Circle) shall not be considered after issue of notification for examination to be conducted by the Department for vacancy of a particular recruitment year.

    ii. In case of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant, Inter-Circle Transfer under Rule-38 shall not be considered after issue of notification for examination to be conducted by the Department for vacancy of a particular recruitment year. However, Intra-Circle Transfer under Rule-38 will be allowed against the vacancy earmarked  for filling up through examination conducted by Department even after issue of notification as it will not alter the total vacancy of the Circle.

    iii. In case of Inspector Posts, Inter-Circle Transfer under Rule-38 shall not be considered after issue of notification for examination to be -conducted by the Department for vacancy of a particular recruitment year.

    iv. In case of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant / Stenographer / Inspector Posts, Inter-Circle Transfer under Rule-38 shall be allowed against the vacancy earmarked for Direct Recruitment through SSC, as it will not alter the total vacancy at all-India level.

    i. Final vacancy figure as on the last day of the recruitment year shall be reported to Directorate by 15th January of next year. as a final vacancy position which will not undergo any further change.

    Aforesaid procedure shall be repeated for each recruitment year.

    2.  Letter no. X-12/6/2021-SPD-I I(2) dated 3 I .12.2021 is modified to the extent mentioned above.

    Yours faithfully,

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