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COVID 19 Preventive Measures in Post Office | Preventive measures to contain the spread of novel CORONA Virus(COVID-19) in Karnataka Postal Circle.

Preventive measures to contain the spread of novel CORONA Virus(COVID-19) in Karnataka Postal Circle.

In view of rise in CORONA cases due to the OMICRON variant which has hit our Circle, there is a need to take all preventive measures to contain the spread and help our employees. In this regard, copies of the OMs dated 03.01.2022 issued by the DOPT from file No. 11013/9/2014-Estt.A-III are enclosed for immediate action. In view of the DOPT orders dtd 03.01.2022 and Directorate letter No.Z-92011/25/2020-Coord./O& M dated 06.01.2022, the following preventive measures may be taken to contain spread of COVID-19 variant.

Roster System for operative staff:

Administrative offices including admin branches of Head Post Offices can follow the principle of 50% attendance of staff alternately and the remaining 50% working from home. The official who is working from home on a particular day as per the roster drawn up should be available on telephone and electronic means of communication at all times. They should attend office, if called for any exigency of work.

Since Post offices and RMS offices come under operative offices and have the onerous job of keeping essential services going, the Roster system cannot be strictly enforced and Regional/ Divisional Heads may therefore ensure that a judicious balance be maintained between work requirements and difficulties faced by staff taking into account the dynamic situation in the State.

Leave & work from home:

Officials who need leave in connection with present COVID pandemic may be granted leave. All officials residing in containment zones shall be exempted from coming to office till the containment zone is de-notified. Further, persons with disabilities, pregnant women and officials with very severe co-morbidities may be exempted from attending office.

If any official is absent from duty without leave, prior intimation, authorization and recommendations etc., he/ she shall not be entitled to any pay and allowance during the period. 

Staggering of working hours:

All PMsG will decide / empower their Divisional Superintendents for staggering of duty hours in respect of counters, delivery etc., depending upon the local situation and in no condition should counters be left unattended.


Aadhar related transactions would continue until further Orders-


If the situation warrants, the PMGs can write to the RPO directly for approval to reasons. A copy of the same may spend the activities at any of the POPSKS stating that be endorsed to this office for further follow Up.

AEPS/ D Cube

AEPS Service will continue.  

Crowd Management:

Crowds should be strictly regulated. Crowding in lifts, staircases, corridors, coit1iilon areas  including refreshment kiosks and parking areas are to be strictly avoided. The Divisional Heads will identify the Post Offices which are having huge payout and arrange sufficient staff, open more counters in these Post Offices and arrange for sorting of cash before pay. Token system as stated earlier be implemented which may also be properly sanitized before reissue.

Delivery of mails:

Customers may be advised to write contact number of sender as well as addressees on Speed Post and Registered Articles to enable early delivery. Further, the superscription ‘Medicines’ may be asked to be written in capitals on the envelopes for speedy delivery of any such consignments booked. If no phone number is provided, a seal/ stamp may be affixed on the envelopes ‘no contact number provided subject to delay’. Customers should also be intimated about the possible delay in such cases. Sufficient prior publicity on this aspect be also ensured.


Awareness level of our staff should be increased considerably on the following and all staff including the customers who visit Post Offices should be educated to follow the appropriate COVID 19 protocols to save the life of our staff and transacting customers.

Face Masks: Wearing of face masks is mandatory. No employee/ customer should be allowed to enter Post Office premises without mask. All employees should be double  vaccinated  as we have been given priority  as ‘Front Line Warriors’. Wherever all employees are double vaccinated, the postmaster can be instructed to display a board promptly “We are double vaccinated”.

* Group lunches should he avoided.

•  Officials also have given samples for testing for COVID-19 shall immediately inform the administration.

°  Setting up of COVID helpline for staff and their family members and usage of Get weIl Soon App be activated at Divisional/ Regional/ Circle level and report compiled at Regional level be sent to Circle Office daily by 6 P.M in the format communicated through email today to email id Officials on ‘Essential Duty’ to carry pass. Postmasters may issue temporary pass far a specific period only to outsiders.

The above guidelines are not exhaustive but indicative in nature. These Orders shall be operational with immediate effect and until further orders.

This has the approval of the Competent Authority.

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