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Short Notes MCQs Quiz On SDBS 2010 | Short notes/MCQs/Quiz on Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) 2010

Short notes/MCQs/Quiz on Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) 2010. This information will be helpful for those who are preparing for the examination of LDCE Inspector of Posts and PSS Group B. 



  • On recommendation of Shri R S Nataraj Murti Committee
  • W.e.f. 01.04.2011
  • Based on NPS-Lite Scheme, 2010 introduced by PFRDA



  •  All GDS appointed on or after 01.01.2011
  • Existing GDS who have completed one year’s satisfactory service as on 01.01.2011 had given an option either to enroll SDBS or continue to the existing severance amount scheme.
  • Provisionally engaged GDS and substitutes engaged are not eligible


  • Monthly contribution shall be Rs.300/- from Department and GDS as well
  • No contribution/subscription during “PUT OFF DUTY” or “Unauthorized absent from Duty”

 Appointment/Permanent Absorption

  • On appointment or permanent absorption of GDS shall have to quit the scheme and amount so accumulated should to transferred to new NPS account

 Fee for issue Duplicate PRAN Card

  • First Time : Rs.20/-
  • Subsequent Rs.30/-  shall be credited in   UCR

 Exit from NPS

On termination

  • Minimum 40% of Accumulations should be invest to purchase a life annuity
  • 60% or remaining accumulations shall be paid to GDS in lump sum

 Premature Exit

After attaining the age of 58 years

  • 80% of Accumulations should be invest to purchase a life annuity
  • 20% of accumulations shall be paid to GDS in lump sum


  • Resign before normal exit (Termination i.e.65years) the account shall be treated as closed on the date of acceptance of resignation
  • 85% of Accumulations should be invest to purchase a life annuity
  • 15% of accumulations shall be paid to GDS in lump sum

 Death in Service

  • Nominee(s)/Legal Heir(s) of GDS may

    i) Have the option either to receive the entire accumulation till the date of death in         lump sum or

    ii)To continue the enrollment under the scheme till the month by which the                     deceased GDS could have attained the age of normal discharge (i.e 65 Year             at present)

  • If the nominee/legal heir of deceased GDS, have excerised the option to continue the enrollment KYC should be completed subject to

    i)  No further contribution from government

    ii) Nominee/LH should subscribe from their own pocket

    iii) Government shall bear no responsibility

  • When continued to the date of normal discharge, the share percentage will be 40% shall be invested and 60% will be paid in lump sum.

  Dismissal/Removal from Service

  • Shall be cease to be a member and forfeit his past service from the date of Dismissal/removal
  • Account shall be closed immediately
  • Accumulation in the account shall devolve to Government

 Reinstatement in Service

  • Reinstated by a court order/Appellate, Revisionary authority such GDS shall continue to be a member and accumulation subscription for period which were not contributed towards subscription shall be paid by the Department


  • Postal Directorate is functioning as Oversight Office
  • PFRDA is the nodal Agency
  • CRA will maintain the data and transmit the data to trustee bank
  • NSDL Mumbai is current CRA for this scheme

 Important Abbreviation on this topic


PFRDA    :         Pension Fund Regulatory Development Authority

CRA         :        Central Record keeping Agency

CC           :        Collection Centre

SCIL        :         Stockholding Corporation of India

SEBI        :         Security and Exchange Board of India

OO           :        Oversight Office

PFM         :        Pension Fund Manager 

PRA          :       Permanent Retirement Account

 Important Forms


SDBS - 1 - Closure of Permanent Retirement Account due to appointment to regular  dept. post/permanent absorption

SDBS - 2 -    SDBS Register

SDBS - 3 -    Supplimentary List

SDBS - 4 -    Subscription List by Postal Division

SDBS - 5 -    Consolidated Subscription List

SDBS - 6 -    Exit/Closure of Permanent Retirement Account due to RESIGNATION

SDBS - 7 -    Nomination Form

SDBS - 8 -    Option Form

1. Service Discharge Benefit Scheme (SDBS) came into effect from


2. SDBS is based on which of the following Schemes?


3. PFRDA appointed which one as Central Record Keeping agency?


4. Who is the custodian agency responsible for holding Assets of the NPS trust?

SHCIL (Stock Holding Corporation of India)

5. Oversight office for the purpose of SDBS is

O/o  Director General (posts)

6. Collection centre (CC) for the purpose of SDBS means

O/o Head of Postal division

7. Service discharge benefit scheme for Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS) has been implemented as replacement in which of the following?

Severance amount

8   Who among the following Gramin Dak Sevak is /are not eligible for joining service discharge benefit scheme?

a) Provisionally appointed GDS

b) Substitutes engaged for leave periods of regular GDS

9. What is the rate of severance amount paid to the GDS from   01.01.2016 who have not opted for SDBS?

Rs 4000 /- for every completed year

10. The rate of severance amount of Rs 4000/- for every completed year of engagement of GDS is effected from


11. Severance amount can only be paid to those who have completed ___ of continuous service and have not opted for sdbs?

10 years

12.  Revised maximum ceiling of severance amount to eligible GDS is______


13.  How to calculate severance amount for the period less than a year?

Calculated for the completed months on proportionate basis

14.  Contribution under SDBS is made by?

both GDS and Department

15.  The monthly contribution to SDBS Shall be ______from both side i.e department contribution and the GDS contribution.

Rs 300

16.  What happens to the accrued accumulation under SDBS when GDS is appointed in the department against any regular departmental post?

Accumulated amount will be transferred to newly opened NPS account belonging to the new post

17.  Who is the nodal agency for handling sdbs?


18.  To whom are the applications received from GDS for sdbs are sent by the postal divisions for enrolment?


19.  Fee for duplicate PRAN card for the first time is

Rs 20

20.  Fees for duplicate PRAN card for the each subsequent transaction is

Rs 30

21.  The register SDBS - 2 is to be preserved for


22.  The funds accumulated under SDBS scheme, shall be administered by the_

NPS trust

23.  If the GDS is discharged from service what are the benefits he is going to get it under  SDBS?

Can Withdrawal 60% of accumulation and has to invest 40% for purchase of annuity

24.  Application for exit from SDBS is to be made in form

 SDBS- 6

25.  If the GDS is resigns from service, what is the amount he will get under SDBS ?

Can withdraw 15% of accumulation and as to invest 85% for purchase of annuity



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