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Seeking pension related advice/clarification from CPAO (Central Pension Accounting Office)

Seeking  pension  related  advice/clarification  from Central  Pension  Accounting  Office

1.          It  has  been  observed   that  many  PAOs  under  different  Ministries/Departments  are  seeking advice/clarification on  issues  related  to pension  from Central  Pension  Accounting  Office (CPAO)  and not  from  the  concerned   nodal  authorities  responsible  for  formulation  of  rules/policies  relating  to pensioners i.e.  DP&PW,  M/o of Law and Justice, Freedom fighter Division of MHA, etc. This is leading to  un necessary   delays  in  obtaining   advice/clarification  and  is  ultimately  causing  hardship  to  the pensioners.

2.          lt  is  intimated  that CPAO  is  not  the  authority  to  interpret  the  Policies/Rules  formulated  by various nodal departments relating  to pension and other retirement  benefits.

3.          In  view  of  the  above,  all  Pr. CCAs/CCAs/CAs  (with  independent   charge)  of Ministries  are requested  to  direct  all  Pay  & Account  Offices  (PAOs)  under  their control  to seek  advice/clarification on pension related matters from the concerned  nodal authority.

4.           This issues with the approval  of Chief Controller (Pensions)

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