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LDCE IPO Exam Postponed to January 2022 due to CAT Order | Ernakulam CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) Order

 Heard Adv.Mrs.Rekha Vasudevan, learned counsel for the applicants. M.A 777/2021 for joining together stands allowed. Admit. Issue notice to the respondents. Adv. Mr.S.Ramesh, ACGSC takes notice on behalf of the respondents and prays for time for filing reply statement. 

The counsel for the applicants has invited our attention to the guidelines issued by the DOP&T vide Annexure A-3 where it is stated that when eligibility service for promotion prescribed in the existing rules is being enhanced which can adversely affect some persons who are already holding the feeder grade post, 

it is necessary to make a note in the new rule to the effect that eligibility service shall continue to be the same for persons holding the feeder posts as on the date of notification of revised rules. The applicants were holding the post of Postal Assistants, feeder category for promotion to the post of Postal Inspector. They are working in the feeder cadre and have the eligibility as per RR of 2013. 

Now as per new Recruitment Rules of 2013, it is increased to 8 years and the respondents had not made any note to the eligibility condition to protect the applicants who are in the feeder category. The applicants are not allowed online submission of their application due to the change in the rules. Hence, the counsel prays for permission to participate in the examination going to be held and also permit to file a manual application for the post provisionally. 

The counsel for the respondents seeks time to file reply statement. It appears that the last date of application is on 29.11.2021. In view of the urgency involved, without going into the merits and for protecting the interest of applicants in the meanwhile, we hereby direct the respondents to accept the manual application submitted by the applicants herein and permit them to participate in the examination and keep their results in a sealed cover and produce before the Tribunal as and when directed. Respondents are directed to file a detailed reply statement on or before the next date of posting. List on 7.1.2022. Issue a copy of this order today itself

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