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    Discontinue of GDS FG/Security Bonds | Review of Security amount to be furnished by the Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS)

    Review  of  Security  amount  to  be furnished  by the Gramin Dak Sevaks.

    No.  17-18/2018-GDS Government  of India Ministry  of Communications Department  of Posts GDS Section

    All Chief Postmaster General All Postmasters  General Director, RAKNPA  Ghaziabad Director, Postal Training Centres Director of Accounts(Postal) Dak  Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi-110001 Dated:  17.11.2021

    Addl.  Director  General,  Army  Postal  Service  Corps, APS  Bhawan  New  Delhi

    Subject:-  Review  of  Security  amount  to  be furnished  by the Gramin Dak Sevaks.


    Kindly   refer   to   this   office   letter  of  even   number   dated   14.01.2020 wherein  instructions  for obtaining  of FG/Security  Bond  were circulated.

    2.      Various  references  from  GDS  Union  were  received  on  the  issue.     The issue  of  obtaining  FG/Security  Bonds  from  GDS  has  been  examined.   The Competent  Authority  has  decided  to  discontinue  the  practice  of  obtaining FG/Security  Bonds from GDS  with immediate effect.

    3.       Therefore,  the  following  actions  to  be  taken  by  Circles:-

    (i)       No   new   FG/Security   Bonds   needs   to   be   obtained   from   newly engaged  GDS  or GDS  who are yet  to   furnish   FG/Security  Bond.

    (ii)      Existing  FG/Security   Bond  need  not  be  renewed  after  expiry  of currency  of  the current  Bond.

    (iii)     Circles   to   review   all   the   pending   Vigilance/Disciplinary   cases related to loss and   fraud  where GDS   is  involved.  Circles  are to ensure  that  amount  involved in  loss and  fraud  be recovered from the  FG/Security  Bond  furnished  by  such  GDs  before  expiry   of currency  of Bond.

    (iv)     As  soon  as  the  validity  of  existing  FG/Security Bond  is  expired, recovery  from  GDS  in  loss  and  fraud  cases  shall  be regulated  as per  the  provisions  of  Rule  9  and  Rule  10  Of  GDS (Conduct  and Engagement)  Rules, 2020. 

    4.     I  am therefore, directed to request you to take action accordingly.

    Yours  faithfully,

    Copy to:-

    (D.K.  Tripathi)

    Assistant  Director  General  (GDS/PCC)

    Phone-0 1 1-23096629

    1.       Sr.  DDG (Vig.)  Division Dak Bhawan New  Delhi-110001:  For information  please.

    2.       Sr. DDG (PAF) Dak Bhawan New Delhi-1100001:  For Information  please.

    3.       DDG (PO)  Division/FS/RB & Planning Dak Bhawan New Delhi-110001:  For information  please.

    4.       All recognized  Unions.

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