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Supplementary Inspection Questions for Inspection Questionnaire for Circle/ Regional Office | Dated 12.10.2021 | Standard Inspection Questionnaires of Circle/ Regional Office circulated vide this office letter no. 16-3(2)/2019-Inspn dated 13.04.2021

 File No: 16-3(2)/2019-InBpn Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts (Inspection Unit) Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi 110001 dated 12.10.202I 

To 1. AII Heads of Circles 2. Director, RAKNPA 3. Army Postal Service Directorate, New Delhi 4. All Directors, Postal Training Centres 

Subject: Supplementary Inspection Questions for Inspection Questionnaire: for Circle/ Regional Office 

Standard Inspection Questionnaires of Circle/ Regional Office circulated vide this office letter no. 16-3(2)/2019-Inspn dated 13.04.2021, is ordered to be revised as under with immediate effect:- (A). New questions added in the Standard Inspection questionnaire for inspection of Circle/ Regional Office:- (I). UETI OPERATIONS:- Ques. No. 1.9 (g): Has the Circle assessed the need for opening new Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs) at places with high parcel volume and not covered by already functioning NDCs? (ID. PARCEL OPERATIONS:. Operations) (New sub-chapter under chapter of Mail (d. Ques. No. 1.24: Draw up a list of complaints relating to "Timeline to treat parcel as lost" cases in below format:

(d). Ques. No. 1.27: Check to see whether Circle is monitoring all the reports available in BI Portal in respect of their Circle for parcel Products and COD. 

(e). Ques. No. 1.28: Has the redesigned inter/ intra circle RTN network been implemented by the Circle as per the communicated guidelines by Parcel Dte. from time to time? 

(f). Ques. No. 1.29: Have transhipment centres been established and operational as per the communicated guidelines from time to time? 

(g). Ques. No. 1.30: What mechanism has been adopted to assess the level of implementation in r/o RTN on the following points:- (i). Is there any ceII operational which monitors the quality of RTN operations on a day'to-day basis at circle/ Regional office? Gil. Is there any need felt to augment the current RTN or transhipment centre capacity location as per the outcome of quality monitoring or load assessment? (iii). Has any programme for visit to transhipment centres/ hubs/ offices been drawn on the basis of outcome of quality monitoring? Is the monitoring cell making use of the dashboard prepared and daily data received through other modes of communications? 

(h). Ques. No. 1.31: Has adequate staff been deployed at exchange points for smooth exchange of parcel bags? Product: Business Parcel/ Speed Post Parcel* Revenue per year earned Name of customer Customer ID Booking office Above 1Cr 50 lacs to 1 Cr. 10 lacs to 50 lacs 5 ]acs to 10 lacs 1 lacs to 5 Iacs Below 1 lac 2 of Page 5 

(i) Ques. No. 1.32: Examination of pendency of bags at exchange points, regular scanning of bags and regular filling of dashboard data. (). Ques. No. 1.33: What action has been taken to improve security of Parcel hubs, NDCs and Transhipment Centres? Check whether CCTV cameras and access control system have been installed and both are in working condition. 

(J). Ques. No. 1.34: Has the operational network redesigned as part of Parcel Network Optimization Project for handling all types of parcels been implemented by the circle? Have the necessary instructions in the wake of redesigned network been issued? Have the changes communicated by Parcel Directorate from time to time Implemented by the Circle? 

(l). Ques. No. 1.35: Has the new organizational structure been put in place in accordance with Parcel Directorate letter no. 1-1/2018'PD dated 09th JuIy 2018? 

(m). Ques. No. 1.36: Is any DWS/ Conveyer belt system functional in the circle? What steps have been taken to Increase the mechanized processing of parcels? What is the average quantum of parcels processed daily through the DWS? What are the steps taken for effective utilization of Dynamic Weighing System and Conveyor belt available in the Circle? 

(n). Ques. No. 1.37: As a part of restructuring of entire parcel operations by the Department, has entire facilities at Parcel Hubs of the Circle been designed as per approved lay out plan circulated by Parcel Directorate? 

(o). Ques. No. 1.38: How many parcel hubs of the Circle are being upgraded taking into account the Increase in parcel volume in upcoming years & processing of speed post parcels in Parcel Hubs? What is the status of progtess of up gradation of such parcel hubs? 

(p). Ques. No. 1.39: Whether layouts of all parcel hubs have been designed in view of keeping basic amenities like wash room, tiffin area, administrative space, storage of records and consumables etc. in accordance with Parcel Directorate letter no 01'01/2018'PD dated 24 July 2018? 

(q). Ques. No. 1.40: Whether procurement of standard equipment i.e. Roller Containers, Package Trolley, Bag Opening Table. Bag Stands and Sorting cases to be used in Parcel Hubs has been made as per specifications approved & circulated by ParceI Directorate. 

(r). Ques. No. 1.41: Whether procurement of Static Weighment System to be used in Parcel Hubs been made by the circle? If yes, the same has been done as per specifrcations circulated by Parcel Directorate letter number 1-1/2018-PD dated 12.09.2018 & 16.1 1.2018? 3 of Page 6 

(s). Ques. No. 1.42: Whether guidelines related to floor marking of operational area in Parcel Hubs have been issued to freld units? If yes, what is the status of floor marking in aII parcel hubs of the Circle? 

(t). Ques. No. 1.43: Whether the PNOP dashboard is being updated by the Circles as per instructions shared by Parcel Dte vide letter No I7'24120L9'PD dated 22"d Aug 2019. 

(u). Ques. No. 1.44: Whether any mechanism has been adopted by the Circle to analyse the tallying of bag & parcel abstract along with timely resolution of inward & outward errors reported by hubs as per Instructions contained in SOP circulated by Parcel Directorate vide Ietter number 03-06/2019'PD dated 04.09.2019? 

(v). Ques. No. 1.45: Whether the necessary arrangements have been made for measuring the volumetric weight of parcels at Parcel Hubs/ NDCs/ Post offices booking counters? Whether the retractable measuring tapes have been provided to the offrcials working at POS/ Booking counters at Post offrces as per the Parcel Directorate letter no. 01'01/2018'PD dated 10.02.2021. 

(w). Ques. No. 1.46: What are the steps taken by the Circle for compliance of the instructions on monitoring of errors and recovery of presumptive loss in the SOP on reliability of Parcel operations circulated vide Parcel Directorate letter no. 03' 06/2019'PD dated 04.09.20 19? 

(x). Ques. No. 1.4?: Has the necessary training been conducted at

Circle level from time to time for preparation of parcel abstracts, bag abstracts, standard forms and error reporting mechanism as contained in SOP dated 04.09.2019? (IU). STA.FF & RECRUITMENT:- 

(y). Ques. No. 7.12 (c): How many candidates from open market were allotted and appointed in the RO/ CO in various grades under reservation category during last frve year. 6). Ques. No. 7.12 (d: Whether verification of caste certificate of OBC/ SC/ ST candidates mentioned in pre para above, has been completed within two years? 

(c). Ques. No. 7.12 (e): Whether there is any case of candidate whose caste verifrcation has been pending more than two years? 

(d. Ques. No. 7.12 (0: In case of pendency as mentioned in pre-para above, what are the reasons? What action has been taken to expedite the verification? 

(e). Ques. No.7.12 G): Whether the court case is pending with reference to caste certifrcate? What action has been taken for early frnalization? 4 of Page 6 (0. 

Ques. No. 7.12 (D: Any pension case is held up due to non'completion of caste certificate. If so, what action has been taken to bring it to conclusion? ($. Ques. No.7.12 (il: Whether verification of caste certificate of SC/ ST candidates are being carried out at the time of their promotion?

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