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MCQs On Post box | Post bag | Window delivery | Poste Restante | Short Notes On Post Box/Post bag/Window Delivery and Poste Restante

Post box | Post bag | Window delivery | Poste Restante


Post Box is available for prescribed rent at certain Post Offices.

Mail Delivered in Box

Fully pre-paid unregistered mail, except Parcel, addressed to the renter, with the Post Box number, is delivered through Post Box.

Mail addressed to :

*  legitimate personnel of the renter firm.

*  family members and guests of the renter

*  wards, trainees or inmates of renter institution

is also delivered through the Box of the renter.

The renter can get delivery of mail addressed to other allied concerns of which he is the proprietor or agent, through the same Post Box on payment of a separate fee in respect of each such concern.

Post Box holder who receives a large quantity of mail requiring additional space, may rent an additional Post Box number so that the entire mail may be placed inside the Post Box.

Registered, insured, V.P. articles as also money orders addressed/payable to the particular person of firm in whose name the post box stands registered will be delivered/paid through the postman, so long the person/ firm rents the Post Box. If it is found that there is no Post Box in the name of the addressee/payee, or the addressee has ceased to be a renter of the Post Box, the article will be  returned to the sender/remitter. 


Application in the prescribed form should be made to the Postmaster, together with the prescribed fee.

The exact nature of the business should be stated, if the applicant is in business, duly certified by two respectable persons not connected with the applicant in any way; this certificate is not required in case of Government and Semi-Government applicants and such other applicants as are either known to the Postmaster or have otherwise established their identify to the Postmaster.

After Postmaster has allotted a Post Box, no claim for refund of the rent will be entertained.

The prescribed deposit is to be paid, following the allotment, before the key of the Box is made over to the renter.

On payment of deposit, Window Delivery ticket is given to the allottee. It should be produced by the renter or messenger, on demand.

The period of renting is from the first day of the month of allotment and the renewal commences from the first day of the month following the previous renting.

The Post Office reserves the right to withdraw the Post Box without notice or without assigning any reason, if any information furnished by the applicant is found to be incorrect or the Post Box is being misused by the renter. In the event of renter changing his business address or shifting his office to another place, he should invariably inform the Postmaster of the change within seven days of such change. In case of failure to do so, the Post Box is liable to be withdrawn without notice and without assigning any reason.

If the lock or key is not functioning, the renter has to credit the cost of both the lock and the key, and if the key is lost, the cost of the key. A new lock and key, or key alone, as the case may be, will then be provided by the Postmaster.

Application for renewal of rental should reach the Postmaster before the expiry of the period of renting. Application received within 15 days of the expiry of the renting may also be entertained if the Postmaster is satisfied with the reasons for delay. If the same Box is not available, the application, in that case, will be considered as a fresh one.

Unless the lock and the key are surrendered within 15 days of the expiry of renting, in case renting is not renewed, the deposit will be forfeited.

It is open to the renter to clear this Post Box at any time during the business hours of the Post Office except during the half hour before the time fixed for each delivery.

If any mail addressed to a Post Box, because of its size or for want of space in the Box, cannot be placed therein, an intimation slip to this effect will be placed in the Post Box, and that mail will be kept in the delivery department for collection by the renter.

When the renter is unable to clear his Post Box

[00:18, 01/10/2021] Shivakumar: on account of loss of the key or otherwise, mail addressed to the Post Box will be delivered to him or his messenger at the counter during the hours prescribed for window delivery on presentation of the Window Delivery ticket.

If the renter does not clear the Post Box for a week, a notice, requiring him to clear it, will be sent by the Postmaster by registered post. If the mail is not cleared in spite of this notice, it will be delivered through the postman in case the mail bears the address of the renter or the renter has given instructions to that effect. If, for any reason, the mail cannot be delivered through the postman in the normal manner, it will be treated as undelivered.

When a Post Box is no longer required by the renter, he should surrender the lock and the key to the Postmaster and the latter, thereafter, will refund to him the deposit or such portion of it as is permissible.


The system of delivery of postal articles in Bag which, along with a lock and keys in duplicate, is to be supplied by the renter, is available at all delivery Post Offices.

Provisions relating to Post Box apply mutatis mutandis to Post Bag except:

locked Post Bag with the postal articles inside is handed over to the renter or messenger over the counter on production of the Window Delivery ticket during the hours prescribed for making window delivery.

Bag, unless rented in combination with a Post Box of the same number, may be used by the renter for despatching to the Post Office fully prepaid unregistered letter, newspaper and Book, Pattern and Sample packet for posting.


Where Post Box facility is not available, addressee can collect his mail loose from the window of the Post Office during business hours. For this, a written request is to be made to the Postmaster to keep the mail in the Post Office.


Mail superscribed TO BE KEPT TILL CALLED FOR, TO AWAIT ARRIVAL or in any similar way, or addressed to CARE OF POST-MASTER or CARE OF POST OFFICE is called Poste-Restante  article. This is intended to facilitate delivery of mail to travellers having no specific address at a station.

Such mail is kept in deposit ordinarily for one month.

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