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Guidelines for issue of Commemorative Postage Stamps by the DOP (Department of Posts)

GUIDE LINES FOR ISSUE OF COMMEMORATIVE POSTAGE STAMPS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF POSTS, MINISTRY OF COMMUNICATIONS, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA The proposals for issue of Commemorative Postage Stamps will be examined and approved based on the following rules:- 

1. Proposals for issue of Commemorative Postage Stamps may be sent by any citizen of India. 

2. Proposals must be submitted in the format available on Incomplete proposals will not be considered and no correspondence will be made in this regard. It shall be the responsibility of the proponent to submit a complete proposal in the prescribed format. 

3. Proposals should be sent at least two years in advance in the prescribed format for consideration by the Philatelic Advisory Committee (PAC)/Sub Committee of the PAC and approval by the competent authority. 

4. Proposals will be considered and recommended/not recommended by the PAC/ Sub Committee of the PAC. They will not be carried forward for the next PAC/ Sub Committee meeting. 

5. Not more than 50 issues (maximum 100 stamps) of Commemorative Postage Stamps per annum shall be issued. 

6. Stamps on personalities shall not exceed 10% of the Annual Issue Programme. 

7. The annual stamp issue programme will be announced in the last week of the December preceding the Calendar year of issue. Once announced, there will not be any change/increase in the number of stamps and the notified dates of issue. The Annual Issue Programme shall reflect regional, cultural, ethnic and gender balance. 

8. The date of issue shall be fixed by the Philately Division keeping in view the significant dates relating to the subject and the availability of slots in the printing schedule. Dates of issue once fixed shall not be changed. Proponents may hold a presentation function on any day on or after the date of issue. 

9. The denominations of postage stamps shall be in consonance with domestic and International postal tariffs. 

10. Commemorative postage stamps will be issued on subjects/ themes / institutions / personalities / events that have a national or International stature or have made national/international contribution or impact or reflect national/international areas of concern. The theme/subject should be such that can be depicted on the stamps in a visually appealing manner so as to be of interest to philatelic collectors. 

11. Stamps on a particular subject shall issue only once, except thematic subjects such as wildlife, environment, transport, flora fauna etc. or regular issues like Children’s Day, Philately Day, Seasons Greetings etc. 

12. Stamps shall be issued only on the apex institution/organization, on its 100th /125th /150th anniversary and not on the branches of any institution or organization. The institution/organization should have national or international stature with significant and well recognised contribution in their respective fields. 

13. No stamp will be issued on a living personality. The personalities on whom commemorative postage stamp may be issued should be of national or international importance. The occasion to be commemorated must be the birth centenary or 10th /25th /50th /100th death anniversary. Stamps can be issued no sooner than ten years after an individual’s death. Exception in this regard will however be considered to be made for personality from the field of Art, Culture and Music. A commemorative postage stamp shall be issued in honour of the Head of State on his/her first death anniversary. 

14. A stamp on the building, monument etc. may be issued on its centenary/125th anniversary/150th anniversary etc. The building, to be so honoured must be Heritage site of national/international importance or site recognized by ASI of national/international importance. Building of regional importance may be commemorated with issue of special cover with special cancellation. 

15. Stamp design shall be decided by the Department of Posts. Religious symbols, prefixes/suffixes with the name of personalities will not be incorporated in the design. Once approved, the design of stamp will not be changed. 

16. The Department of Posts will decide the subject matters, prohibited subjects, procedure for proposal consideration and issue/release of a stamp, period of sale of commemorative/special stamps and for definitive stamps and postal stationery. It will also determine issue policy, withdrawal policy and archival policy. 

17. Proponents shall follow the protocol for release functions. 

18. Proponents for the stamps relating to institutions/events/large organisations or proponents belonging to institutions/organisations/ trusts etc. requesting for a stamp on personalities are required to make a mandatory purchase of a minimum number of 1 lakh stamps. In case of global institution with its headquarters outside India, purchase of stamps and requisite philatelic ancillaries worth of ₹ 25 Lakh will be mandatory. Source: Date: 23-11-201

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