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Dak Mitra - Proposal for Revamping of Franchisee scheme | Revised Post Office Franchisee Scheme

 No. 40-6/2021-pig Government of India Ministry of Communications

RB & Planning Division To, All Heads of Circles, CGM (Vig)/CGM (Parcel)/CGM (CEPT) Dak Bhawan, New Delhi Dated:. 12th October.2021

Subject:  Dak Mitra - Proposal for Revamping of Franchisee scheme

The current Franchise model has shown downward trend in terms of business and transactions. The model is restrictive in nature, due to limited products, limitations of bulk booking etc. Further there is dependency on link Post Office marred by wait at PO  counters,  no  technology-based  interface  for  real  time  data  flow  with delays  in payment of commission,  to the franchise as the process is manual and demotivates the franchise.

In addition to this less amount of incentive payment, non-distinctive of weight and distance also impairs booking of long-distance articles as well as parcels. It further does not facilitate institutions & co-operate franchise to participate.

As a policy matter, it is proposed that all the schemes Franchisee outlet, Postal Agent,  OPA  &  PSSK  needs  to  get  subsumed  into  one. At  this  stage,  proposal document for the Revised Franchisee Scheme as DAK-MITRA  is attached herewith for  your  parawise  comments/suggestions before  finalization.  Your  comments  may kindly be forwarded to this office by 25/10/2021.

This issues with the approval of competent authority

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