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Preventive Vigilance Checks/Suggestions to avoid frauds at Post Offices

 As per the instructions received from RO on the above subject, it is directed to all PM's/SPM's as below:

1. Counter rotation of the officials to be ensured.

2. Using of Pass book, printers for updating transactions in PB's should be ensured.

3. Proper verification of transactions by the supervisors should be ensured.

4. Non availing of leave by the officials may be checked with vigilant angle.

5. Triggering of SMS to the account holder for each transaction will curtail the scope for frauds and delayed credit in accounts. All accounts needs to be updated with mobile number of the account 'holders including old accounts.

6. User ID's of all the transferred/retired/suspended officials to be disabled immediately on their relief.

7. Ensure that no unadjusted “Cash in transit”, “Stamps in transit” items found in any SO's/BO's.

8. PM's/SPM's should take immediate action with the assistance of system admins concerned to clear the unadjusted transit items if any. The revised Postal Manual Volume VI part III (Provisional) issued vide Postal Directorate letter no. 30-13/2019-WS (Pt.) dated 18-05-2021 may also be referred to in this regard. As a preventive vigilance, the above RO instructions are suggested for strict adherence,

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