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    GDS Transfer Eligibility and Conditions 2021 | GDS (Gramin Dak Sevaks) Limited Transfer Eligibilities and Conditions | Latest Postal GDS Limited Transfer Facility



    Maximum No. of Chance's





    Transfer will be at the GDS


    1. The transfer will be at his or her own request.

    2. Own cost to a Vacant post at his/her place of choice.

    3. To his/her/spouse home village or home division

    4. Or to a place recommended for medical treatment.


    Minimum Engagement Period


    1. One years of service from the date of regular Period engagement for all GDS. Regular Engagement Order

    is mandatory)


    Transfer request of GDS not entertained in r/o



    1. GDS who are Put Off Duty.

    2. Against whom any disciplinary action, police case of court case is pending.


    Past Engagement period

    Will be counted for assessing the eligibility for Appearing departmental examination as well as for annual increments. GDS will not have any claim to go back to the previous engagement / recruitment Unit / Division in any circumstances.


    When GDS is transferred at his own request and approved

    She/he will rank junior in the seniority list of the

    new unit to all the GDS of that unit who exist in the seniority

    list on the date of which the transfers ordered, except in case of transfer within the same engagement / recruitment Sub Division/Unit/Division.


    Mutual Exchange




    Mutual exchange can be provided to all GDS On completion of ONE Year engagement period.







    The GDS can be transferred on her/his request in their cadre wise ie. BPM to BPM level same and TRCA Slab Same, similarly ABPM/Dak Sevaks to ABPM/Dak Sevak level and TRCA Slab same


    Eligibility condition to be followed by all GDS is as under.

    1. BPM level-2 to BPM level-2 in TRCA slab-3

    2. BPM level -1 to BPM level-1 in TRAC slab -2

    3. ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level-2 to ABPM/Dak Sevaks level-2 in TRCA slab -2

    4. ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level-1 to ABPM/Dak Sevaks level-1 in TRCA Slab -1

    5. BPM Level-1 to ABPM/Dak Sevak level-2 (Postal /RMS in same TRCA Slab.)

    6. ABPM/Dak Sevak level-2 (Postal) to RPM level -1 in same TRCA slab provided that, the GDS has to make accommodation arrangement for managing BO as per standard prescribed for BO and fulfilling the condition of educational qualification, computer certificate etc., Prescribed by the Department from time to time. Before joining as BPM he/she has to undergo prescribed training for BPM.

    7. ABPM/Dak Sevak from Postal to RMS in the same TRCA slab.

    8. Transfer from RMS to Postal i.e Dak Sevak to ABPM/Dak Sevak in the same TRCA level. However. Dak Sevak from RMS should not be transferred to Postal Division as BPM.



    On account of request transfer


    There will be no any drop of TRCA slab and number ci increment earned by GDS. The same will he retained

    Documents required to be attached to transfer application form


    1. Engagement copy. 

    2. TRCA last drawn pay slips copy. 

    3. If reason in on medical ground. Medial certificate issued by the District Medical Officer duly attested to be enclosed.

    4. Aadhar card/ PAN card/Voter ID card/ Driving License/passport etc., attach any one 

    5. Computer certificate for minimum 60 Days course.,

    No of posts to be applied


    The GDS may apply for transfer to a maximum Ten GDS Posts, in order of preference

    Refusal of transfer


    Refusal of accept the limited transfer order shall be construed as one chance of limited transfer availed by GDS. The GDS however may have the option to withdraw the request within 15 days of the submission of the application for transfer, which will not be counted as a chance availed under the limited transfer facility.



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