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Delivery of all categories of Postal parcels through Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs)

 Delivery of all categories of parcels through Nodal Delivery Centres (NDCs)

This is regarding delivery of all categories of parcels through Nodal Delivery Centres (NDC). Effective and efficient last mile delivery of parcels at door step of customer is one of the: biggest challenges being faced by the Department and increasing volume of parcels requires a change in the manner parcels were traditionally delivered. A need is felt for separating parcel delivery from regular delivery in those areas where number of parcels delivered is high.

2. Accordingly, it has been decided that all categories of parcels (International,

Speed Parcels, EP, BP, Registered Parcel) are to be delivered through NDCs in following areas:

a) Metros where parcel density exceeds 2 parcels per sq km

b) All other towns/cities where parcel density exceeds 1 parcel per sq km

Traditional method of delivery will continue for other areas.

3, The methodology for calculating the number of NDCs to be set up, the distance between two NDCs, number of delivery staff likely to be deployed, number of bikes/four wheelers required for delivery was discussed during the four Zonal Workshops. An Excel based software prepared for these calculations is being sent through e-mail, The calculations given by the software are indicative in nature and 

needs to be supplemented by the ground condition like space available for  setting up NDCs, Traffic Conditions etc

4. The specifications for various operational equipment's to be utilized in NDCs including postmen bag has already been circulated to all Circles. The model layout design of NDC has also been shared with the Circles.

5. Circles were requested to to fix the rate payable to postman using their own two wheeler for delivery of parcel in NDC setup vide letter no 16.01.2016 dated 06.11.2017 copy enclosed most of the circles have already done the same the remaining circles are request to fix the same.

6. Circles were supplied with mobile phones for effecting delivery in 2017-18 Circles have also been allotted funds in the current year for purchase of mobile phone for effecting delivery. IPPB is also likely to supply mobiles phones to delivery staff. these mobile hones with Postman Mobile APP (PMA) developed by must be invariable be used for effecting delivery of parcels

7. The Circles may engage justified number of postman/GDS/OPA as per local

conditions and existing departmental rules and OPA guidelines to ensure 100% delivery/effective delivery attempt of parcels. Head, Parcel operations in the Circle/Region must be asked to ensure proper monitoring of functions of NDCs effective delivery of parcels will enable the department to increase its market share in the booming parcel market.

8. A monthly report as per Annexure-1 may be sent at so as to reach by 07th of next month. 

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