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CSI-IPPB Integration related issues and solutions

 CSI-IPPB Integration related issues and resolutions :

1. IPPB related button are disabled or not visible.

Soln. Today(9th August) we have enabled IPPB in all the offices PAN INDIA, kindly run daily sync to get it enabled, then kindly install SSL_Certificate.

2. Connection timed out error .

Soln. IPPB related port opening night have not happened or some issue with network of that office, please check with IPPB team.

3. "Connection timed out : SSL handshake Exception" error message .

Soln. Please install SSL_Certificate by following steps.

A. go to 'C:\POS\Application\Counter\build\ssl_cert'

B. Run 'start_ssl_install.bat'

C. Click on 'save &install'

4. Any error message starting with "IPPB Error" for ex. IPPB ERROR: enter correct facility id"

Soln. These kind of error are originated at IPPB side, please check with IPPB team, 

Note : please don't perform any voucher posting for IPPB transactions done through counter, as integration is completed those transactions will automatically flow to daily account of CSI.

Any issues observed , please mail to csicct.cept@indiapost.gov.in.




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