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Compendium of Welfare Schemes of Department of Posts 2018 | Postal Welfare Board

 Like all other activities of a welfare state, the objectives of the Postal Welfare Board is to promote, develop and organize Welfare, Sports and Cultural activities for the benefit and well-being of the members of the postal family.

 The Board receives grant in aid for this purpose from the Consolidated Fund of India. Voluntary contributions for the staff and collections through sports and cultural activities are also arranged by the subordinate formations of the Board. 

The Funds of the Welfare Board are utilized for activities like sports, recreation clubs, financial assistance in cases of illness, death, killings by terrorist, robbers and dacoit's of the staff on duty, educational scholarships, subsidy for excursion trips, grants to help handicapped staff and handicapped children, vocational training centers, creches etc. 

The funds of the Board, in addition to the normal activities are also used for providing relief to the employees affected by the natural calamities, In nut-shell the Board tries to help the members of the postal family in the situations which are either not covered by the Departmental Rules or are created by the natural calamities like super cyclone in Orissa and earthquake in Gujarat or are manmade such as parcel bomb blast in Orissa. 

Welfare & Sports Branch of the Department deals with all the matters relating to Postal Welfare Board, Postal Sports Board, Field Services (Postal) Benevolent Fund as well as it co-ordinates the matters relating to canteens with the Director of Canteens of the Department of Personnel and Training Government of India. 

The P&T Sports Board which existed earlier was abolished with effect from 1st April 2001. Now the Department of Posts participates independently in various .games and sports held at national level either as an affiliate of the National Federation or otherwise. 

Every effort has been made to include in this compendium all available information so as to make it useful to all, but there is always a room for improvement and to learn more. It would, therefore, be a pleasure to include any other material, if made available to maximize its usefulness to all including the beneficiaries of the welfare and sports activities of the Department of Posts

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