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    Advance for Purchase of Personal Computer for CG (Central Government) Employees | Procedure for Computer Advance | Application Form for Personal Computer Advance of CG Employees | 2020-2021

     Advance for purchase of Personal Computer for the year 2020-21.

    The applications in the enclosed proforma are invited for grant of advance for purchase of NEW Personal Computer from the officials of South Karnataka Region. According to latest amendment to in the existing provisions of Compendium of Rules on Advances 21(5) relating to Personal Computer Advance All Government Employees are eligible for PC advance

    Incomplete applications will not be considered. Necessary instructions may be issued to submit correct and complete information duly verified by the concerned Postmaster/Pay drawing officers.

    The maximum amount of advance is restricted to Rs. 50,000/- or actual price of Personal Computer whichever is less.

    Some of the other conditions governing the sanctions are

    1) The Government servant should execute a deed in form II before taking payment of the advance, if sanctioned.

    2) The Personal Computer should be purchased within a month from the date of drawl, if sanctioned, and submit the relevant cash receipt.

    3) The advance will not be sanctioned or disbursed to an official under suspension.

    4) The recovery will be made in not more than 70 installments starting from the first issue of pay and allowances etc., subject to prevailing rate of interest. The interest will be recovered in one or more installments after recovery of the principal.

    5) The Personal Computer purchased should be fully hypothecated to the President of India only in Form IV.

    While forwarding applications, the following instructions may be adhered to,

    a) Each application should be thoroughly scrutinized to ensure that all columns in the application form filled in by the the official/or 

    b) competent authority as the case may be without leaving any column blank or marked with dash.

    c) The primary criterion for consideration of sanction, after having met all other conditions, will be the seniority based on Divisional Gradation list.

    As such the applications received from eligible officials should be arranged strictly in order of seniority in the cadre gradation list cadre wise.

    d) The information furnished by each official should be verified and certified accordingly in individual application by Head of Units.

    e) If the application is not recommended, the reason may also be furnished 

    f) If there are no wiling/eligible officials, a, nil report may be sent positively before the last date mentioned by Regions. Sanctions will be issued subject to eligibility and availability of funds. Applications already submitted will not be considered. Fresh applications should be submitted. The applications received up to the prescribed last date can be considered for grant of Computer Advance till 10-8-2021, based on the position of funds.

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