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Highlighted Notes On CCS Leave Rules 1972 | Central Civil Services Leave Rules 1972 | Brief Notes | Short Notes


Leave Rules


Came into force on 01.06.72


1.    Leave cannot be claimed as a matter of right

2.   Conversion of one kind of leave into another kind is permissible to be done within 30 days.

3.   Leave will not be granted beyond retirement/ date of resignation/final cessation of duties

4.   claim on leave ceases in case of Removal, Dismissal or Resignation

5.   No leave of any kind can be granted for a continuous period exceeding 5 years


Kinds of Leaves


1.    Casual Leave

2.   Special Casual Leave

3.   Earned Leave

4.   Half Pay Leave

5.   Commuted Leave

6.   Maternity Leave

7.   Paternity Leave

8.   Child Care Leave

9.   Child Adoption Leave

10.  WRIL

11. Extraordinary Leave

12. Study Leave

13.  Leave Not Due

14. Special Leave Connected to Inquiry of Sexual Harassment


1. Casual Leave


1.    8 CL and 2 RH in a Calendar Year

2.   CL Can be taken for half day also

3.   CL can be combined with SPLCL but not with any other kind of leave/Joining time

4.   CL can be availed while on tour, LTC can be availed during CL

5.   Essentially for short periods. Not granted for more than 5 days at a time

6.   Sunday & Holidays falling during the period of casual leave are not counted as part of Casual Leave

7.   for employees with disabilities Additional 4 days as Special Casual Leave for Specific requirements relating to the disability of the official


2. Special Casual Leave


1.    Participating in sporting events of National/International Importance

2.   Undergoing Vasectomy/Tubectomy operations

3.   Participating in recognized service Union/association activities to the office bearers

4.   Natural Calamity

5.   Election to exercise franchise having names in another constituency

6.   One day for blood donation in recognized blood bank

7.   participating in mountaineering expeditions

8.   participating in trekking expeditions

9.  Cultural Activities


3. Earned Leave


1.    Credit of EL will be afforded in advance at uniform rate of 15 days

2.   Credit will be offered on 1st January and 1st July

3.   Can be availed with or without MC

4.   Proportionate credit in case of appointment in the middle of the half year at 2.5 days for each calendar month

5.   Un availed joining time(Maximum 15 Days) will be credited to EL Account

6.   Encashment can be allowed for 300 days at the time of retirement

7.   10 days of EL can be encashed for LTC(maximum 6 times)

8.   Maximum period of EL Can be availed is 180 days

9.   if employee is on Leave Preparatory can avail more than 180 days at time

10.        Outside India, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar, Srilanka, Nepal & Pakistan  can be extended is 300 days

11. If a Government servant has availed of extraordinary leave and/or some period of absence has been treated as dies non in a half-year, the credit to be afforded to his leave account at the commencement of the next half-year shall be reduced by 1/10th of the period of such leave and/or dies non subject to maximum of 15 days


4. Half Pay Leave


1.    Credit of HPL will be afforded in advance at uniform rate of 10 days

2.   proportionate Credit in case of appointment in the middle of the half year 5/3 for each completed calendar month

3.   Credit will be offered on 1st January and 1st July

4.   Where a period of absence or suspension of a Government servant has been treated as dies non in a half-year, the credit to be afforded to his half pay leave account at the commencement of next half-year, shall be reduced by one[1]eighteenth of the period of dies not subject to a maximum of ten days.

5.   Can be availed up to 180 days at one stretch

6.   No HPL in case of Compulsory retirement for calculation of leave encashment

7.   can be accumulated without any limit

8.   can be availed with or without MC



5. Commuted Leave


1.    Not exceeding half the number of HPL due can be taken

2.   Can be availed on production of MC

3.   Maximum of 90 days(180 HPL) can be availed without production of MC for approved course of study certified to be in the public interest

4.   Can be granted at the request of the GS even EL is due

5.   MC is not required in continuation of ML for 60 days

6.   Up to 60 days w/o MC for female employees o adoption, if she adopts less than 1 year old baby


6. Leave Not Due


1.    Maximum 360 days in the entire service on Medical certificate

2.   Shall be limited to the HPL likely to earn thereafter

3.   MC is not required for LND in continuation of ML

4.   LND can be given w/o MC for Child care leave in the third year


7. Extraordinary Leave


1.    When no other leave is admissible

2.   When other leave is admissible, but the Government servant applies in writing for the grant of extraordinary leave

3.   Unless president determines No GS shall be granted extraordinary leave on any one occasion in excess of the following limits

·        Three Months

·        Six Months- A GS has completed one year Continuous service

·        Eighteen Months- GS Undergoing treatment with Leprosy/Cancer/TB etc

·        Twenty four Months- Studies in public interest

4.   EOL on medical Ground will qualify for increment


8. Maternity Leave


1.    A female Government servant (including an apprentice) with less than two surviving children may be granted maternity leave

2.   Period of 180 days from date of its commencement

3.   Maternity leave not exceeding 45 days may also be granted to a female Government servant (irrespective of the number of surviving children) during the entire service of that female Government in case of miscarriage including abortion on production of medical certificate

4.   Maternity leave may be combined with leave of any other kind upto 2 years

5.   Upto 60 days w/o MC for female employees on adoption


9. Paternity Leave


1.    Male GS with less than two survving children are eligible

2.   period of 15 days, during the confinement of his wife for childbirth, i.e., up to 15 days before, or up to six months from the date of delivery of the child.



10. Child Care Leave


1.    Maximum 730 days during their entire service

2.   It shall not be granted for more than three spell in calendar year

3.   Age of the child should be below 18 years, no age limit for child with minimum 40% of disability/mentally challenged.

4.   In case of single mothers, can be granted in six spells in a calendar year

5.   CCL may not be granted for a period less than 5 days at a time

6.   Full salary for first 365 days & 80% of salary for next 365 days



11. Child Adoption Leave


1.    Child age should be below one year

2.   For a period of 180 days immediately from the date of adoption


12. Special Leave Connected to Inquiry of Sexual Harassment


1.    Leave up to 90 days to aggrieved female GS


13. Work related illness and injury Leave (WRILL)


1.    Full pay and allowance for six month immediately following hospitalization

2.   Half pay for 12 Months beyond the said 6 months


14. Special disability leave for injury intentionally inflicted


1.    24 months

2.   Leave salary during such leave shall:-

(a) for the first 120 days of any period of such leave, including a period of such leave granted under sub-rule (5), be equal for leave salary while on earned leave;

(b) for the remaining period of any such leave, be equal to leave salary during half pay leave


15. Hospital Leave


1.    28 Months


16. Study Leave

1.    Ordinarily twelve months at any one time, and during his entire service, twenty-four months in all (inclusive of similar kind of leave for study or training granted under any other rules).


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