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Army Postal Service(APS) Joining Application for Postal Employees

Comprehensive Guide to Joining the Army Postal Service(APS) for Department of Posts (DOP) Employees. Download Army Postal Service(APS) Recruitment Application/Enrollment Form and Joining Process in PDF

Are you a Department of Posts (DoP) employee looking to serve your nation in a unique capacity? Joining the Army Postal Service (APS) could be your calling. Here’s a detailed guide on the enrollment process, benefits, and opportunities awaiting you in APS.

1. Enrollment Process Overview:

  • APS offers opportunities for DoP employees to volunteer for field service.
  • The enrollment process involves application submission, medical screening, and training.

2. Key Dates and Procedures:

  • Application submission deadlines: Nov 30, Apr 30, Aug 31 yearly.
  • Medical screening conducted in Apr, Aug, and Dec.
  • Detailed procedures outlined for DoP employees, Divisional Heads, and APS Records.

3. Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must fill out the Volunteer Application Form.
  • Part I and II of the form to be completed by the volunteer.
  • Divisional Head verifies and recommends the application.

4. Medical Examination and Fitness:

  • Volunteers undergo medical screening at specified AROs/ZROs.
  • Fitness criteria based on SHAPE-1 medical category for applicants under 40 years.

5. Advantages for DoP Employees:

  • Equivalent rank structure in APS compared to DoP.
  • Option to choose between Civil Pay or Army Pay with associated allowances.
  • Assured Career Progression (ACP) benefits similar to the Army.

6. Pay and Allowances Comparison:

  • Detailed comparison between Civil Pay and Army Pay options.
  • Breakdown of pay, allowances, and benefits for different ranks.

7. Additional Benefits:

  • Travel concessions, medical facilities, canteen facilities, and educational opportunities.
  • Opportunities for foreign postings and additional allowances.
  • Benefits for families, including education and scholarships.

8. Career Progression and Opportunities:

  • ACP benefits, promotions, and opportunities for skill development.
  • Eligibility for foreign postings and participation in Army teams.

9. Conclusion:

  • Joining APS offers DoP employees a unique opportunity to serve the nation with pride.
  • Detailed benefits, allowances, and career progression make it an attractive option for those seeking a fulfilling career in the defense postal service.

This comprehensive guide provides DoP employees with all the information they need to consider volunteering for the Army Postal Service, outlining the process, benefits, and opportunities available.

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