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DGGI issued Show Cause Notice on short payment of GST on incentive paid to PLI/RPLI sales force w.e.f. 15t July 2017

Navigating GST Compliance in the Postal Life Insurance Sector: Guidelines and Directives. Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DGGI)

Subject: - Guidelines regarding Show Cause Notice issued by O/o DGGI, Chandigarh Zonal Unit to all Hos and PLI Dte. on short payment of GST on incentive paid to PLI/RPLI sales force w.e.f. 15t July 2017

The Ministry of Communications, Department of Posts, Directorate of Postal Life Insurance (PLI), has recently issued guidelines addressing the issuance of Show Cause Notices by the Directorate General of Goods and Services Tax Intelligence (DGGI), Chandigarh Zonal Unit, to all Heads of Circles regarding the short payment of Goods and Services Tax (GST) on incentives paid to PLI/RPLI sales force since July 15, 2017.

In response to inquiries from various circles regarding these notices, the Directorate of PLI has carefully examined the matter. Consequently, it has been advised that necessary instructions be provided to the Drawing and Disbursing Officers (DDOs) for handling the issue in consultation with certified Tax Consultants.

DDOs and Postmasters who receive individual Show Cause Notices to appear before the GST Commissionerate are advised to address the matter with the Summoning Authority. They should inform the Summoning Authority that representatives of the PLI Directorate have already engaged with the authorities on October 27, 2023, regarding the same.

However, it is emphasized that the concerned DDOs must ensure that GST payments on incentives paid to the PLI/RPLI Sales Force, along with applicable interest, have been made to the GST Authorities. Additionally, appropriate returns must be filed, and Input Tax Credit (ITC) claimed as applicable. Any pending GST amounts, as calculated and demanded by the DGGI, Chandigarh Zonal Unit, should be reconciled with the GST payable and paid figures of the respective DDOs. This reconciliation must be communicated to the Summoning Authority.

In this regard, the response provided by Tollygunge Head Office (HO) has been enclosed for reference, showcasing a model approach to addressing the matter.


These guidelines underscore the importance of ensuring GST compliance within the PLI sector. By providing clear directives on handling Show Cause Notices and reconciling GST payments, the Ministry aims to facilitate smooth compliance procedures while addressing any discrepancies effectively.

The guidelines serve as a proactive measure to assist DDOs and Postmasters in navigating GST regulations pertaining to incentive payments in the PLI/RPLI Sales Force. Through collaboration with certified Tax Consultants and adherence to the prescribed procedures, the PLI sector can uphold regulatory standards and foster transparency in tax compliance, thereby contributing to the overall efficiency and integrity of the postal insurance system.

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