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CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) Registration through Post Office (DOP) - Gazette Notification issued

CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) Registration through Post Office (DOP). Empowered Committees and District Level Committees for Citizenship Matters New Delhi, 11th March 2024

Download Gazette Notification for CAA Registartion through Post Office in PDF

In a recent development, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has issued an order delineating the constitution and functions of Empowered Committees and District Level Committees for citizenship-related matters. This move comes in line with the provisions set forth by the Citizenship Act, 1955, and aims to streamline the process of granting citizenship by registration or naturalization.

Empowered Committees:

Empowered Committees, established at the State or Union Territory level, play a crucial role in overseeing citizenship matters. These committees are headed by the Director (Census Operations) of the respective State or Union Territory and comprise various officers as members. Among these members are representatives from the Subsidiary Intelligence Bureau, Foreigners Regional Registration Office, National Informatics Centre, and the Postal Department. Additionally, representatives from the office of Principal Secretary (Home) or Additional Chief Secretary (Home) and Divisional Railway Manager are invited as members of these committees. The inclusion of such diverse expertise ensures comprehensive deliberation and decision-making regarding citizenship applications.

District Level Committees:

Operating at the district level, District Level Committees serve a vital function in verifying documents submitted by applicants for citizenship. These committees are headed by the jurisdictional Senior Superintendent or Superintendent of Post. The composition of District Level Committees includes officers such as the District Informatics Officer, nominee of the Central Government, and representatives from the Office of District Collector and Railways. Through meticulous document verification and scrutiny, these committees ensure the integrity and authenticity of citizenship applications.

Grant of Citizenship:

The order outlines the procedures to be followed by Empowered Committees in the grant of citizenship by registration or naturalization. Key provisions include the submission of online applications by applicants, document verification by District Level Committees, and thorough inquiries conducted by the Empowered Committee to ascertain the suitability of applicants. Moreover, the Empowered Committee may obtain reports from security agencies to assess the eligibility of applicants. Once satisfied with the suitability of an applicant, the Empowered Committee may grant citizenship by registration or naturalization and issue a certificate accordingly.

Digitization and Record-Keeping:

In line with modernization efforts, the order emphasizes the digitization of certificates of registration or naturalization. Furthermore, Empowered Committees are tasked with maintaining a register containing details of registered or naturalized citizens. This register, in an online format, facilitates easy access for the Ministry of Home Affairs and security agencies, ensuring efficient record-keeping and monitoring of citizenship-related matters.


The establishment of Empowered Committees and District Level Committees, along with the delineation of their functions, marks a significant step towards enhancing transparency and efficiency in citizenship processes. By adhering to prescribed rules and regulations, these committees aim to uphold the integrity of the citizenship system while ensuring fair and equitable treatment of applicants.

[F. No. 26011/01/2015-IC-I(Part)]

B. C. JOSHI, Joint Secretary

Published by the Controller of Publications, Delhi-110054.

This order, effective upon publication in the Official Gazette, underscores the commitment of the Ministry of Home Affairs to strengthening citizenship procedures and upholding the principles of justice and equity.

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