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Undue pressure on staff and GDS for meeting Post office targets

ALOK SHARMA Director General Postal Service D.0. No. SR-08/3/2022-SR-DOP Dated 11th December 2023

I would like to attract your attention to the “Action Points emanating from the revenue target meeting chaired by DGPS with HoCs on 21.02.2023" circulated to all Heads of Circles by ADG (Coordination), Dak Bhawan on 22.02.2023, wherein, inter- alia, Circles were requested to direct their officers against applying undue pressure on staff and GDS for meeting targets. I am sorry to note that despite issue of these clear instructions, I have been receiving representations from GDS / Staff associations, as well as individuals regarding harassment of Departmental / GDS staff in the context of achieving targets, and sometimes initiation of disciplinary proceedings also.

2. I would like to emphasize that the work force of the Department, whether Departmental or GDS, many a times face various constraints in meeting the targets. We need to provide necessary support to our workforce in terms of skill, training and resources etc. to help them to achieve the targets assigned. A motivated and committed work force is a pre-requisite to achieve our objectives / targets. Undue harassment or initiation of disciplinary proceedings in respect of Departmental or GDS staff in the context of target achievement is not desirable as it leads to resentment and demotivation amongst them

3. I would request you to issue necessary directions to all the officers of your Circle in this regard and ensure that no such instances occur in your Circle. An action taken report is be submitted to me.

Yours sincerely, (Alok Sharma) All HoCs (By Name)

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