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National Flag Sale Guidelines 2023 through ePostoffice Portal of DOP under “Har Ghar Tiranga 2.0”

Sub: - Online sale/distribution of National Flags under “Har Ghar Tiranga 2.0” through ePostoffice Portal of DOP-reg

Download National Flag Sale Guidelines 2023 in Post Office (DOP) in PDF

Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Business Development Directorate Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001 Dated 1st August, 2023 To, All HOCs

Broad guidelines for the online sale/distribution of National Flags under “Har Ghar Tiranga 2.0" through ePostoffice Portal of the department is annexed for immediate action.

2. Further, it is requested that proceeds from the sale of National Flag through the Post Offices (offline mode) may be booked under the Head of Account 120100800010100 under GL code 1800010102.

This issues with the approval of Competent Authority.

Encl. A/a Copy to: -

1. GM, CEPT Mysuru: It is requested to provide product link ePostofficePortal on India Post website.

2. Sr. Technical Director (NIC): For information and necessary action Annexure

Broad Guidelines for sale/distribution of National Flags under “Har Ghar Tiranga 2.0” through ePostoffice portal

1. NIC will make necessary provision for the sale of National Flag, having dimension 20 inches x 30 inches on the ePostoffice Portal similar to other departmental products such as Gangajal, eIPO, Philatelic items etc.

2. The Selling price of each National Flag is Rs. 25/- per flag. There is no GST on the sale/distribution of Flag.

3. Sale/distribution of National flag through ePostoffice Portal will commence on 15th August 2023.The orders on ePostoffice Portal will be booked only up to 2359 hrs of 12th August 2023 so that the delivery of all flags booked through the Portal is completed before 13th August 2023.

4. For the purpose of purchasing National Flag from the ePostoffice Portal, a user would not need to register himself/herself as a “registered user”. He/ she can use portal as a Guest User by providing Mobile number and OTP.

5. NIC will make provide Har Ghar Tiranga Banner on the Home Page of ePostoffice Portal, which will be a hyperlink directing the Guest User to the purchase form for National Flag.

6. In the purchase form, user need to specify delivery address, quantity of the Flags (maximum of 5 Flags per customer) to be purchased and his/her mobile number. Customer would also be prompted to adhere to the latest Flag code during the purchase. Circles and other concerned agencies involved in the process of Sale/distribution of National Flag would also make sure that latest Flag Code regulations are adhered to at all stages.

7. Customer will make online payment to complete the purchase formalities. On completion of payment by user/customer, invoice will be generated. Once order is placed, no cancellation would be possible.

8. Sansad Marg HO has been identified as the Nodal Office for receipt of Payment through ePostoffice Portal. The payment by the user/customer will therefore be credited in the Account of Sansad Marg HO through Payment Gateway already available on ePostoffice Portal. Sansad Marg HO will then credit the amount under Head of Account 120100800010100 under GL code 1800010102.

9. Everyday BD Directorate will download invoices/reports (excel sheet) at 1200 AM and forward the same to the concerned Circle early in the morning to email provided by the Circle.

10. Nodal Officer (SPOC) at Circle will arrange to take out the print of invoices/reports (excel sheet) received from BD Directorate.

11. As sale/distribution window is narrow and delivery should be done in minimum possible time, it is the responsibility of Circle Nodal Officer/SPOC to ensure timely monitoring of incoming invoices/reports and prompt delivery to the addressee.

12. The delivery of National Flag will be made free of cost to the customer. Circle/Region/Division will make arrangement for delivery of Flag at the address as mentioned in the invoices/reports through the nearest Post Office of the addressee under proper acquittance. Tracking facility for this service would not be available.

13. Circle will send a daily report on order received, fulfilled and delivered through the google link provided by BD Directorate By 10:00 am every morning without fail.

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