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Dak Karmayogi Social Media Training Course Login Procedure and Quiz Questions and Answers

Dak Karmayogi Social Media Training quiz Questions and Answers. Dak Karmayogi Social media Training Course. Dak Karmayogi Social Media Training Course Login Procedure is mentioned below:

Stage - 1: Creating Social Media Accounts of DOP employee

Please follow the below links to open account (if not already opened) in social media and keep your usernames handy.

1. Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/)

2. Twitter (https://twitter.com/i/flow/login)

3. Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/)

Stage - II: Logging into Dak Karmayogi Portal

Login to Dak Karmayogi Portal (https://dakkarmayogi.gov.in/doptrg/index.phpand login with user credentials.

User name: [Your Employee ID]

Password: [Usually Admin@123]

IP address: leave blank []

Enter the captcha

Select online

Sign in

If you have forgotten password, please use reset password option reset password.

Stage - III: Taking Social Media Course on Dak Karmayogi Portal.

1) Click on [For online training registration (Outside any PTC/RTC/WTC/campus)

My Section Training Year: 2022-2023

For online training registration

(Outside any PTC/RTC/WTC campus)

Click Here.

2) Enroll for course Social Media courses (PTC Vododara) under course name.

3) Select start course “Social Media Course” and complete the course by viewing all the slides and answering the questions to the quiz.

Start Course

Online courses : currently enrolled courses 1

You are not currently enrolled to any Onsite courses

4) Dak Karmayogi Social Media Answers for the questions of the quiz are as below.

(a) What is the official Instagram account of Indiapost?

Ans : indiapost_dop

(b) Which is the official Facebook account of Indiapost?

Ans : PostOffice.IN

(c) Which of the following is the official Twitter handle of dak karmayogi?

Ans: @DakKarmayogi

(d) Which is the official Twitter account of Indiapost?

Ans: @IndiaPostOffice

5) Finally, please give feedback.

Stage - III: Updating social media handles of Post Office

1. Click on Social Media on left side after login to Dak Karmayogi Portal.

My Courses

My achievements

Registration form

update Profile

Social Media


2. Blank boxes are available to update social media handles, user must update correct details of his/her social media accounts from stage - I in blank boxes available in Dak Karmayogi Portal

Stage - IV: Following various social media handles of DOP

Social media handles are as given in the below. All are direct to follow, like and subscribe to the DOP handles. https://linktr.ee/dop.gov.in

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