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GDS Online Engagement Post Notification Procedure SOP

GDS Online Engagement Posts Notify Procedure SOP:

Download GDS Online Engagement Posts Notify SOP in PDF

Step I: Please login into your account. The following Menu will be displayed.

Step 2: Click on Utilities and select Notify Posts

Step 3: A screen as shown below will be displayed prompting for No.Of posts to be notified.

Step 4: Please enter the consolidated Total posts of GDS BPM and GDS ABPM/ Dak Sevak in the left hand panel under “No. of posts for notification” and upload the appropriate supporting PDF document and press the button “Submit Posts”.

Note: If posts were notified wrong at this stage, the whole wrong notification may have to be completed according to the wrong totals and the notification must be rejected at RO Level. So necessary care should be taken before proceeding further.

Step 5: A message saying “Posts notified” will be popped up. Press Okay. Now you can observe that the input fields in the left panel will be freezed.

Step 6: Now start entering the Post details by selecting the appropriate Ho, So, BO and further details as required and Press submit.

Note: In case of multiple posts in a single BO tick the field “Multiple posts” and select no.of posts

Step 7: Now you can clearly observe, the notified posts have been reflected in the consolidated left panel. Repeat step 6 until all the notified total posts as configured at step 4 were notified.

Step 8: For each entry in step 6, the added post details will be displayed as a list. This can be modified as per the requirement

Step 9: After completing the data entry of posts verify the details and press “Submit to RO”

Step 10: The notification will be sent to the R.O for approval.

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