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CSI Overview - Features of CSI (Core System Integrator) - Post Office (DOP) CSI Different T Codes

Post Office CSI (Core System Integrator) Overview & Introduction of different T-Codes.

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Features of CSI

  • Centralized network – integrated operations for transactions.
  • HO-SO-BO accounting network removed – each office is independent.
  • Online monitoring of office transactions possible from DO/RO/CO/DAP/Directorate.
  • MIS of transactions available – known as Business Intelligence Reports.
  • SSO (single sign on) – ensures access to various applications through one login
  • CRM – Customer relations management system (creation of new customers and administering) including creation and administration of customer contracts
  • Inventory procurement and supply system Budget management

 Identification of all DOP entities as Cost Centre, Profit Centre and Fund Centre

•  Each employee assigned to a particular cost centre

• When a transaction is an expenditure, the PO will accept the transaction for Cost Centre

• When a transaction is Income , it will be accepted for Profit Centre

• Automation of document creation

• Introduction of Accrual Accounting

• Previous 15 Digits Account Heads have been replaced by 10 Digit GL Codes in CSI for every activity

• CSI provides centralized user management. Every employee carries an employee ID.

• Every PO has a facility ID and every post, a Post ID

• Centralized & consolidates data and provides various reports instantly

• Audits access and transaction details for preventive vigilance and security tracking

• Employee information and transactions – Employee can get personal data and apply for leave/advances through ESS (employee self service) portal

• Supports for issues through Service desk management system

Accrual System of Accounting

• Till now , we were following Cash Based Accounting. Revenue is recognised when it is Received. So , in case of BNPL , Revenue is recognised when it is actually received. Expenditure is recognised at the time of actual expenditure.

• However , in Accrual System of Accounting , Revenue or Expenditure is recognised when it is accrued. For example, BNPL income is recognised when the Service is provided.

• Double Entry System – Debit and Credit

Challenges in new CSI SAP application

➢Double entry accounting system not understood by most of the staff – resulting in incorrect accounting

➢Mccamish is still not integrated – Voucher posting being done to incorporate transactions

➢Network instability affects performance – Transactions could not be performed on many days due to network failure, Current bandwidth is also an issue.

➢Certain defects in the applications affecting operations– being resolved in consultation with TCS

Changes in CSI impacting inspection

➢ Relation between HO, SO and BO do not exist for accounting purpose.

➢ Post offices are identified with facility ID for general use, with profit centre ID for cash transactions, cost centre ID for posting expenses and fund centre ID for budget transactions.

➢ Stamp balance does not form part of the balance of an office. It is categorized as inventory till sale occurs.

➢ Remittances in transit are not held as part of the balance of remitting office.

➢ EOD is prescribed for POS and every postman in DPMS; there is no EOD for F&A.

➢ Transactions can be corrected at any time before the close of the period.

➢ POS is offline and syncs with central server at an interval of 4 minutes.

➢ Other modules are online

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