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IPO Exam 2022 Solved Question Papers - LDCE IP Exam Previous year Solved Papers and Answers - Paper 1

IPO Exam 2022 Solved Question Papers. LDCE IP (Inspector Post) Exam 2022 Previous Year Question Papers and Answers. Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for Inspector Post Exam (IPO Exam 2022). IPO Exam Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers, Online Tests in PDF. Useful for Postal Exams/PS Group B and IPO Exams in postal department.


1. Which one of the following statements with regard to opening of account under Senior Citizens saving Scheme, 2019 is not correct?

A 60 years of age to be attained on the date of opening of account

B Who retired on superannuation or otherwise and between the age of 55-60 years on the date of opening of account

C The successor or legal heir of a deceased serving personnel shall be eligible to deposit the terminal benefits of such deceased personnel

D None of these.

ANSWER - Ignore


2. Which one of the following is not correctly mapped in FINACLE CBS software for? i) Registration of nomination for first time - CASBAM menu to be used ii) CIF creation - CCRC menu to be used iii) De-duplication check - CDEDUP menu to be used (iv) CIF modification - IES menu to be used

A i) only

B (ii) only

C (ii) & (iv) only

D None of these



3. Which one of the following statements is correct with regard to Sukanya Samriddhi Account Scheme, 2019?

A Withdrawal is allowed when the account holder attains the age of 18 years

B withdrawal is allowed when the account holder passes 10th standard

C The account can be closed after 18 years of age and before 21 years of age for reason of intended marriage of account holder

D None of these are incorrect



4. The rate of mail handling within one office should not exceed __________ per article

A 1.2

B 1.3

C 1.4

D 1.6



5. Under Post Office Savings Account Scheme, 2019, the interest at the rate of ________ percent per annum shall be allowed for a calendar month on the balance at the credit of an account between the close of the 10th day and end of the month, and such interest shall be calculated and credited in the account at the end of each________

A 3.5,year

B 4, month

C 4, year

D 5, year



6. When for any reason, a money order remains unpaid either to the payee or to the remitter, at the end of the _________ following the month of its issue, it will be treated as void by the office of issue

A One Month

B Two Months

C Three Months

D Four Months



7. In which year children policy was introduced?

A 2000

B 2006

C 2004

D 1996



8. As per the standard Operating Procedure for tallying abstracts resolving and discrepancies, if the bag/parcel is not traced within _____ days, presumptive loss need to be recovered from the officials at fault.

A Two

B Three

C Four

D Five



9. For making a deposit in a Savingss account, it should be seen that the cheque is neither postdated nor is more than ___________ months old?

A Two

B Three

C Four

D Five



10. As per National Savings Time Deposit Scheme. 2019, how many categories of Time Deposit accounts are allowed?

A Four

B Three

C Five

D Six



11. What is the period of preservation of Branch Office account and the Branch Office Journal in years respectively?

A 3,3

B 4,4

C 3,5

D 4,3



12. If a remittance is received in the account office before the B.O. daily account in which it is advised, the amount of remittance should be entered in the B.0. summary as a ________entry in_____ink.

A Minus, Blue

B Positive, Red

C Minus, Red

D None of these



13. Individual reports in the pro-forma prescribed by the Director-General should be submitted when the attacks on offices by dacoits causing injury to staff or losses over rupees takes place

A 50,000/

B 1,00,000/

C 2,00,000/

D 3,00,000/



14. What is the minimum amount deposit to be made to open account under National Savings Recurring Deposit Scheme, 2019?

A Rs. 100

B Rs. 10

C Rs. 50

D Rs. 200



15. The weight of mails to be carried by each letter mail runner on a mail line should not ordinarily exceed _________ kg ?

A 5

B 7

C 9

D 14



16. In case of involvement of any agent is established in any fraud case, then (i) The Appointing Authority should immediately be asked to cancel his/her agency (ii) All Post Offices in the division should be directed not to accept any further business from that agent (iii) His/her name should be displayed in the premises of all Post Offices in the division clearly stating that Post Office has suspended business with concerned agent by mentioning his/her involvement in fraud case. ?

A (i) only

B (ii) only

C (ii) only

D (i) & (i) only.

ANSWER - Ignore


17. Under National Savings Certificates (VII Issue) Scheme, 2019, what is the maximum limit prescribed for depositing? ?

A No maximum limit

B Rs. 9 lakh

C Rs. 15 lakh

D None of these.



18. Which one of the following is not correctly mapped with regard to the list of conventions used in compilation of Due Mail List? (i) D stands for ---------- Mail bag not containing registered list (ii) R.T.B. stands for --------- Registered Transit Bag (iii) D.B. stands FOR------- Delivery Bill

A (i) only

B (ii) only

C (ii) only

D None of the above



19. The work-papers for the next trip or working hours of the Set will be supplied by the ___________ ?

A Record Officer

B Head Sorting Assistant

C Divisional Head

D Sub-Divisional Head



20. The compensation to be paid in case of loss or damage of International EMS merchandise is subject to the upper ceiling of _______ SDR per item

A 10

B 15

C 20

D 30



21. For mechanization of delivery beat of postman, what is the number of parcels aimed for deploying a two-wheeler for delivering in two rounds?

A about 20

B about 30

C about 40

D about 60



22. As per Parcel Network Optimization Project, what is the minimum weighing capacity of the Static Weighing System suggested? T?

A 10kg

B 15kg

C 25kg

D 35kg



23. As per the indian post office rules, 1933, what is the maximum weight of pattern or sample packet that can be transmitted by a post office?

A 2 kg

B 3 kg

C 4 kg

D 5 kg



24. Under National Savings Recurring Deposit scheme,2019 the account can be continued after sixty monthly deposits for a further period of up to a maximum of _____ years?

A One year

B Five years

C Three years

D Four years



25. A notice of hours of businessetc, in from ______ will be supplied to each branch office by the _________ ?

A M-6(c), Head of the Division

B M-6(a), Head of the Sub-division

C M-6(c), Sub Divisional Inspector

D M-6(d), Head Post master


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