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Records Required for SO/HO Inspection (Updated) | Post Office Inspection Required Records (Documents) Check List 2022

RECORDS REQUIRED FOR SO/HO INSPECTION. List of Inspection Documents prepared by PTC Mysuru.

Download Records Required for HO (Head Post Office/Sub Post Office) SO Inspection in PDF.

1. Office Order Book

2. Internal order book of postmaster

3. Book of Postmarks

4. Diary of PRIP 

5. Attendance register 

6. Bio-Matric Attendance Register

7. OTA register 

8. Petty stock register with invoices

 9. Permanent stock register with invoices 

10. Records of Enumeration Returns 

11. History Sheet of Equipment’s 

12. Notice of hours of business 

13. Outward Correspondence Register

14. Book of Information 

15. Previous Inspection report

16. Franking Machine Register 

17. Daily Docket

18. Statement of Mailing

19. Due mail & Sorting list

20. Letter Postage Account 

21. Register of Post Boxes and Bags

22. Delivery Slips and Abstracts

23. Book of Addressees Instructions

24. VP Register

25. COD Register 

26. Letter Box Statement

27. Bag Balance Register 

28. Register prescribed for Registered News Paper

29. Register of WUIMT Paid

30. Error books

31. Account Opening Forms/KYC Forms

32. SB-28 Receipt Books

33. Stock Register of Pass Books 

34. Invoices

35. Register of undelivered pass books (SB-44) 

36. Register of passed warrants sent to BOs (SB-45)

37. Special error book for BO accounts not received for interest adding

38. Stock Book of POSB Cheque Books

39. Pass Books of all Scheme

40. Register of Claim cases 

41. Register of cheques sent to HO

42. Stock register of SAS agents Receipt Books

43. Citizen charter 

44. Register for watching the continuity of BO receipts (Index to BO Receipts)

45. PLI/RPLI Day End Collection Report


47. Document of AMC Contracts

48. Register of Tickets Raised

49. PLI/RPPLI Proposal Forms (If Available) 

50. BNPL Register 

51. Pick up Register

52. BMS register

53. Business Post Register 

54. Bank Pass Book  

55. Memo of Authorized Balances 

56. Compliance report submitted on past IR 

57. Circulars file

58. Register of old records weeded out 

59. Register of public complaints

60. Beat Instruction Register

61. Applications given for Standing Instructions

62. Applications of depositors for FPB

63. Stock Register of POSB Cheque Books 

64. Stock Book for ATM kits 

65. Stock Register for IPPB Q R cards

66. PLI Loan Register 

67. PLI Maturity Claim Register

68. PLI Death Claim Register

69. OM Register 

70. CD register 

71. Unpaid Register

72. Village Sorting List, Route Map, Beat List 

73. Silent Account Revival register

74. IPO Stock and Sales Register 

75. Pension Payment File or Registe 

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