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Revised GDS online engagement 2022 (Cycle-IV) | GDS SOP for Pre-engagement (verification of document) and post-engagement activities


Government of India

Ministry of Communications

Department of Posts

(GDS Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,

New Delhi-110 001

Dated: 01.07.2022

Subject: - Revised GDS online engagement 2022 (Cycle-IV). SOP for Pre-engagement (verification of document) and post-engagement activities.

Download GDS Online Engagement Cycle IV SOP in PDF

 As you are aware that online GDS Engagement process, 2022 (Cycle-IV) is underway and the candidates have already been provisionally shortlisted for document verification PAN India in pursuance of the model notification circulated vide DO letter of even number dated 31.12.2021. In this context, an SOP for various “Pre-engagement (Verification of Documents-VoD)” and Post-engagement activities to carried out by the Verifying Authority (VA)/Engaging Authority (EA) has been devised as under: -

2. Pre-enagament (VOD) activities: -

(i) On declaration of result, provisionally shortlisted candidate for VoD, receives a system generated SMS/email to report within 15 days to the designated office.

(ii) On arrival of the candidate for VoD at the designated office, the VA to check Serial Number and Registration number of the candidate from the verification portal and click on “Send OTP” on the registered mobile number of the candidate.

(iii) OTP to be shared by the candidate with VA.

(iv) On entering OTP by the VA in the system, document upload page gets opened. A list of documents to be produced by the candidate is displayed.

(v) VA to cross check the data entered by the candidate (as available in portal) viz mark sheet/Grades/CGPAs/Percentage, Name, father’s name, DOB, community, PWD, transgender, local language, Board etc. with the original documents.

(vi) VA (which may happen to be EA also in case of BPM) to record the reporting of candidates in ‘Document Verification Register (DVR)' to be maintained in the format given in Annexure-I.

(vii) (a) VA to take further action as per following scenarios: -

Scenario-A: - Candidate brings all the requisite documents and there is no discrepancy.

 (i) VA to enter the particulars of documents verified in the DVR (as per the Annexure-I). Signature of the candidate will also be obtained in the relevant column. The documents entries will be signed by the official/officer verifying the documents and counter signed by VA/EA.

(ii) A complete set of duly self-attested copies of documents will be retained by the VA/EA.

(iii) All the documents after scanning will be uploaded in the system.

Scenario-B: - The candidate has reported with some documents or with no documents.

(i) An undertaking from the candidate as annexed at Annexure-II to be taken.

(ii) VA to scan and upload the documents in the portal, including undertaking in Annexure-II in respect of documents not submitted.

(vii) (b) Applicable in hth senarios: -

(i) After uploading the documents, a new page gets displayed where aptions for accepting/rejecting the candidate with Remarks Tallied and Not Tallied are displayed.

(ii) After crosschecking all the details, VA to choose the relevant remarks for accepting/rejecting the candidate.

(iii) After selecting the relevant remarks, VA to click on Save button to update the verification status of the candidate.

(iv) The verification status is changed to” Document upload and verification completed “ against the Registration number in the document verification page. A button will be displayed against the Registration number to download the verification acknowledgement.

(v) VA to download the verification acknowledgement and give a copy to the candidate retaining another copy duly signed by the candidate as received.

(vi) Offer of engagement is automatically sent by the system on registered email of the candidate, in case of successful verification.

(vii) System will also sent SMS/email to the candidate where document verification is unsuccessful.

3. Joining process

(i) On reporting of the successful candidate for joining (after verification in the above manner), the EA to take print of the application of candidate from GDS online portal and keep the same in personal file of the candidate along with document verification register.

(ii) The candidate will submit original documents with photo copies (duly self-attested by candidate), i.e., Mark sheet/certificate, community certificate, category certificate, Birth certificate etc. for the verification by EA with application as per Annexure-III. The photo copy of the documents will keep in the personal file of the candidate.

(iii) The documents so collected by the EA will be entered in the Document Verification Register for EA (DVEA) in the format given in the Annexure-IV.

(iv) Original documents be returned to the candidate on same day under proper receipt.

(v) EA to cross check the data entered in the portal by the candidate viz mark sheet/Grades/CGPAs/Percentage, Name, father’s name, DOB, community, PWD, transgender, local language and board configuration etc. with the original documents.

(vi) If any discrepancy is found, the same to be noted in DVEA and candidature will be rejected in the portal. The DVEA be signed by candidate, official/officer cross checking data and the counter signed by EA.

(vii) If no discrepancy found in the cross checking of the data entered by the candidate as mentioned in (v) above, letter for medical examination to be issued immediately to the candidate. Medical certificate should be from Medical officer of any Government Hospital. In case found medically fit, a basic training of three days covering handling of IT devices, Mail Delivery, SB/SC work etc. will be imparted to the candidate before provisional engagement.

(viii)On completion of the aforesaid basic training, the candidate will be engaged provisionally. The provisional engagement of candidate will be regularised upon successful verification of his/her documents by the issuing authorities and Police verification.

(ix) In addition to the above three days basic training, 15 days training will also be imparted as per letter No. 01-64/2009- Trg. dated 22.06.2022,

(xi) In case the candidate is not declared fit medically, the candidature will be cancelled and status to be uploaded in the portal.

4. Post engagement activities: -

(i) Document verification process through “Issuing Authorities” to be initiated within one week from his/her provisional engagement.

(ii) Character antecedent/Police verification to be initiated within a week from date of provisional engagement.

(iii) 10th Mark Sheet/Board Certificate to be verified from Digilocker by EA, if available.

(iv) Printout taken from Digilocker to be kept in personal file dully attested by the EA.

(v) If Secondary School Board is not available on Digilocker, 10th Mark Sheet/Board Certificate to be verified manually through Board concerned by Divisional Head.

(vi) Progress of document verification to be followed up regularly by EA.

(vii) If the document verification process is not completed even after regular follow up by the EA (Sub _ Divisional Head/Divisional Head), they will bring it to the notice of next higher authority i.e. DO/CO/RO.

(viii) Next higher Authority to take up the matter with the Authorities concerned and monitor the progress of document verification/PVR and ensure that the same are completed within 180 days of provisional engagement.

5. Circle office will monitor all above activities and ensure to send a monthly report as per Annexure-III.

6. It is enjoined upon all concerned to ensure that the SOP is followed scrupulously in letter and spirit.

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