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    GDS Online Engagement SOP for Preengagement (verification of document) and post-engagement activities | Revised GDS online engagement 2022 (Cycle-IV) Corrigendum

     No.17-23/2016-GDS (Pt.)

    Government of India

    Ministry of Communications

    Department of Posts

    (GDS Section)

    Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,

    New Delhi-110 001

    Dated: 04.07.2022


    Subject: Revised GDS online engagement 2022 (Cycle-IV). SOP for Preengagement (verification of document) and post-engagement activities.

    Download GDS Online Engagement Activities in PDF

    In continuation of partial modification in this office letter GDS no. 17-23/2016- dated 01.07.2022 on the above mentioned subject, following modifications are made.

    2. Para 3 (Joining Process) Sub Para (vii) entered by the candidate as mentioned in (v) above, the following action If no discrepancy found in the cross checking of the data taken 10th Mark Sheet/Board Certificate to be verified from Digilocker by VA/EA, if available.

    (a) Printout taken from Digilocker to be kept in personal file dully attested by the VA/EA.

    (b) In case of any discrepancy found in the 10th Mark Sheet/Board certificate through Digilocker or certificate/mark Sheet, is found to be fake, the candidature of the selected candidate will be cancelled immediately.

    (c) If no discrepancy found in the cross checking of the data entered by the candidate as mentioned in (v) above, letter for medical examination to be issued immediately to the candidate. Medical certificate should be from Medical officer of any Government Hospital. in case found medicaly fit, a basic training of three days covering handling of IT devices, Mail Delivery, sB/SC work etc. will be imparted to the candidate before provisional engagement.

    (d) In case the Secondary School Board is not available on the Digilocker, 10th Mark Sheet/Board Certificate to be verified manually through Board concerned by Divisional Head as situated in Para 4 (ii) below.

    (e) Para 4 (Post engagement activities) Sub Para (i) & (iv) deleted. Para 4 to have only Sub Para (i) to (vi)

    3. The modified SOP is enclosed for information of all concerned.

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