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    IPPB Premium Account | Features, Details, Charges & Incentives to DOP End Users (GDS, Counter PA, Postmaster & Inspector Posts) of IPPB Premium Account

    IPPB PREMIUM ACCOUNT. Features, Details, Incentive Earning Potential for Counter Users (L0) /Postmasters(L1) / Sub Divisional Heads (L2)/Department & Charges of IPPB Premium Account.

    IPPB is glad to introduce 🎯 "PREMIUM ACCOUNT🎯" a product specially designed to offer Bundle of Benefits to Premium Category Customers & also offers High incentive earning potential to Counter UsersπŸ–₯️ 

    (1️⃣) Features of Premium AccountπŸ‘‡

    ✅ Free Doorstep Banking Services (Rs.20+GST charged for other customers for every DSB Txn)

    ✅ Unlimited Cash Deposits/Cash Withdrawals (0.5%  charges+GST if Monthly Deposit exceed Rs.10000 & if Monthly Withdrawal exceeds Rs.25000/- for other customers)

    ✅ Cash Back on monthly EB EB Bill Payments (Flat Rs.5 Cashback on 1st EB Bill Payment every month)

    ✅ 50% Discount on Digital Life Certificate Charges (Rs.70 charged for other customers) and so on.

    (2️⃣) Incentive Earning Potential for Counter Users (L0) /Postmasters(L1) / Sub Divisional Heads (L2)/Department:πŸ‘‡

    ✳️ Premium Account Opened with Aadhaar Seeding

    πŸ“L0- Rs.33.80

    πŸ“L1- Rs.5.22

    πŸ“L2- Rs.2.61

    πŸ“ Department- Rs.10.43

    ✳️ Premium Account Opened with Aadhaar Seeding & Virtual Debit Card (VDC) Issuance

    πŸ“L0- Rs.48.43

    πŸ“L1- Rs.7.45

    πŸ“L2- Rs.3.73

    πŸ“ Department- Rs.14.90

    (3️⃣) CHARGESπŸ‘‡ 

    πŸ“Œ Account Opening Charges : Rs.149+ GST

     πŸ“Œ Account Renewal Subscription Charges: Rs.99+GST

    πŸ“Œ Annual average balance of Rs.2000/- to be maintained. If not fulfilled, account will be downgraded to normal scheme account, after 1 Year of premium account subscription.

    πŸ“Œ Account Balance Maintenance Charges-NIL

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