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IPO Exam MCQ | PS Group B Exam MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions and Answers) | Postal Exam MCQs Set 2

Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) for LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams in postal department.


1. Which one of the following statement is related to Sundry Deposit MIS Interest Account?

A SOLID+0406

B SOLID+0338

C SOLID+0340

D SOLID+0337




2. How Many Digits are there in Profit Center of an Office ?

A 14

B 10

C 12

D 11




3. 6th Digit in Profit Center Represents?

A Division Office

B Sub Post Office

C Head Post Office

D Region Office




4. Facility ID Contains How Many Digits excluding Alphabets?

A 10

B 11

C 12

D 13




5. Which one of the following is GL Code of POS Cash?

A 4867000112

B 4867100010

C 4867100011

D 4867100000




6. What is the cash handling allowance per month if amount handled is above 5 lakhs?

A Rs 500/-

B Rs 1000/-

C Rs 750/-

D Rs 250/-



7. Which one of the below form is used for out of account cash receipts ?

A ACG 17

B ACG 11

C ACG 61

D ACG 67




8. Financial Asssistance for GDS Employees Sufferred from COVID 19 was ?

A Rs 25000/-

B Rs 50000/-

C Rs 10000/-

D Rs 20000/-




9. RMFS (Remotely Managed Franking System) was introduced w.e.f?

A 14.09.2016

B 15.07.2013

C 16.08.2010

D 12.06.2012



10. EPICs(Elector Photo Identity Cards) Booking & Delivery Charges per article is ?

A Regular Charges Applies

B Rs 25/- upto 50 grams

C Rs 35/- upto 50 grams

D Rs 50/- upto 50 grams



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