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Postal BO Income Enhancement Plan 2022 | Branch Post Office (BO) Income Enhancement Plan 2022

This is regarding providing a roadmap to the BPMs, of the expected number of services to be delivered and commensurate revenue contribution from BOs for the financial year 2022-23.

2 ln this regard a detailed scrutiny of the MIS CEPT data for Live POSB accounts, CSI and PLI transactions, and revenue earned was calculated BO-wise. ln addition, stake-holders consultations with sub-divisional heads, were done. Based on these, it is decided that 70% of the revenue earned for the Department be attributed to the BOs( for POSB and other revenue streams) and 30% of postage/ commission be taken as revenue on delivery of Registered & Speed Post articles and payment of Money order respectively.

3 Accordingly, targets are being prescribed with regard to single/double/triple hundred BOs for the year 2022-23, with the services in Column B of the and the likely revenue attributable in Column 'C' of Annexure 1-3,. BPMs should be made aware of the likely revenue expected from the BOs well in advance of the beginning of the financial yea( 2022-23).

4 Till the time CEPT is able to provide for BO-wise dashboard, Circles are requested to ensure Divisional Heads monitor each of their BOs, using the available on https// and calculate the baseline figures on indicated income attributable to BO as per the table Annexure-4 for the year 2021-22 and month of march 2022 for each BOs under their jurisdiction. The baseline data of circle performance to the BOs be arrived at as per the Annexure-4 be complied and submitted to postal directorate in EXCEL format by 5th April 2022. Further, reports will be expected on similar lines from circles every month.

5. I sincerely urge you to work on this BO income Enhancement Plan so that 83% of the Departments network can be activated to meet the needs of the people for postal, financial and other citizen centric services. 

BO Income Enhancement Plan in PDF

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