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Instructions to the candidates attending the Online Test for selection to CEPT on 19.07.2021 | Selection of Resource Persons to CEPT


Instructions to the candidates attending the Online Test for selection to CEPT


1.   Online Test to be attended by only those applicants who are notified by CEPT via email with date and time of the test.

2.  Open any web browser and enter the url mentioned below.

3.  After clicking the above url in the browser, Login page will be displayed.

4.  If any Certificate Error/Untrusted connection message is coming in any web browser due to browser settings, ignore the same and go on to the Login page by clicking on Continue to this Website/Proceed/I understand the risk etc., options, whichever is applicable.

5.  Applicant can access the url anywhere [Either in work place/outside] in any Open Network having internet (Recommended) (or) through Sify Network (Not Recommended).

6.  Login is permitted during the scheduled time notified for the examination.

7.  In the login page enter the User Name and Password as mentioned below:

User Name: Your 8 digit Employee ID (Ex; 10xxxxxx)

Password: Date of Birth in 8 digit format ddmmyyyy

[Date of birth as entered while applying to CEPT]

8.  Once logged in to the application, there will be an option to ‘Start Test’.

9.  The Online Test will be of 30 minutes only.

10. After click on ‘Start Test’, Timer with 30 minutes will start reducing the time.

11. Multiple choice questions will be shown for answering by the Candidate.

12. Provisions viz; pass on to the next question, coming back to the previous question, Change of Answer already selected are permitted during the given time schedule of 30 minutes.



13.  Pattern of examination: Total Marks for the Test: 100

Objective Questions: 50 questions with 2 marks each

Question’s Domain: Post office modules, Programming, Network etc.


14. Option to ‘End Test’ is also available to the candidate to complete the test before 30 minutes. Once ‘End Test’ is clicked data/answers made till such time will be saved.

15. After the timer finishes the 30 minutes schedule, System will ‘Auto Save’ the data answered by the applicant till such time and close the online Test screen/application.

16. After data is saved, screen will be displayed with option to download/print the questions and Answers made by the candidate for record with the details of Employee ID, email, Test date etc.,

17. Candidate must logout from the exam after downloading the answer sheet in order to complete the exam. If not then such candidates will be disqualified automatically and reattempts will be allowed.

18. Once the Test is ended, applicant will not be permitted to login again for 2nd attempt.

19. All further correspondence with reference to result of the Online Test will be made to the candidate via email from CEPT.

20.     Network IP of the system/location from where the candidate has attended the test will be fetched at the time of login to the application for record purpose.

21. Applicant has to attend the online test on his own. Any kind of malpractice will be viewed seriously and will be brought to the notice of your circle. The knowledge of the applicant will be analysed further during personal interview and hence all are requested to undertake the online examination based on their technical knowledge.



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