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IPPB CBS User Guide for Implementation of AePS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication)

IPPB CBS (Finacle) User Guide for Implementation of AePS 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) for PA’s (Postal Assistants working in Desktop).

Download IPPB AEPS 2FA Userguide in PDF

As per the guidelines by NPCI, 2FA (Two-factor Authentication) has been introduced in order to control frauds during AePS transactions. With the implementation of AePS 2FA, the End Users will have to enable the AePS 2FA everyday by providing their Aadhaar Authentication in the beginning of the day. Aadhaar Authentication will be valid for 24 hours, so the End User needs to provide Aadhaar Authentication again on the next day.

We have already Implemented AePS-2FA at IBC platform and for our MATM users, with this implementation for all CBS counter users, bank will be fully complied with AePS-2FA authentication.

Currently for providing AePS functionality over CBS, counter users use CAEPS menu. With 2FA in production, CBS counter users(PA’s) have to utilise the following two additional menus also

1. CBIOREG – One time registration to be used only once after go live (initial registration)

2. CBIOAUTH – to be used once every day prior to the first CAEPS txn attempt of the day

3. CAEPS – Existing Aeps transaction menu to be used as it is after ensuring CBIOAUTH is successfully invoked and authentication completed.

1. Initial Registration using CBIOREG menu (One-Time Only)

2. Self biometric Authentication using CBIOAUTH menu (Daily at Beginning of Day)

3. AePS transaction after completing self authentication

Error Scenarios

1.  Accessing CAEPS menu without CBIOREG & BIOAUTH

2. Trying CAEPS after CBIOREG, CBIOAUTH not done yet

3. Trying CBIOAUTH without doing CBIOREG

4. Attempting CBIOREG on a Non ekyc account

5. Attempting CBIOREG not on self account

Note : In Case PA’s Self Account is SBREG/BSBDA and employee ID of PA is not linked to Self-Account then this error will persist and Branch/Banking Outlet has to get the employee ID linked to the SB account of PA.

6. Bio authentication failure by PA and maximum allowed attempts of 5 wrong attempts in a day is completed

7. PA attempting re registration after completing registration once

8. PA attempting re authentication after completing Cbioauth once for the day

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