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Implementation of common bagging of Parcels by Parcel Hubs (Post Office)

Sub: Regarding implementation of common bagging of Parcels.

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F. No. 17-24/2019-PD (Pt. II) Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts Parcel Directorate Malcha Marg Post office Complex, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021 Dated: 31.07.2023

This is regarding effective implementation of common bagging of parcels by parcel Hubs in the country.

2. Vide Parcel Directorate letter no. 27-27/2021-PD dated 03.10.2022, detailed instructions regarding implementation of common bagging were issued to all the circles. Circles were advised to use a common bag including all types of Parcels including Speed Post Parcel where the transmission mode is surface and a separate Parcel bag containing Speed Post Parcels where the transmission is through air directly or through intermediate TMOs / Bag Exchange Points. Several instances of mixing up of Speed post parcels with other kind of parcels have been received from Karnataka Circle. (Letter Copy Enclosed).

3. Circles were also requested to ensure availability of YELLOW colour bag labels in Parcel Hubs / BNPLs with direct bagging facilities so that the same may be used while closing the bags to be transmitted through air.

4. During inquiry of delay in transit in case of Speed Post Parcels, it has been noticed that Speed Post Parcels are being closed in common bag with blue colour bag label even for locations for which direct air connectivity is available. This results in mis-routing / delay in delivery of Speed Post Parcels and sometimes the parcels get lost during transmission.

5. In view of the above, Circles are once again requested to ensure the proper implementation of common bagging of parcels in the circles so that such cases can be avoided

6. This issues with the approval of competent authority.

(Devender Kumar Singh)

Assistant Director

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