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Guidelines on allocation of IP ASP (Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent of Posts) to Postal Circles

Subject: Guidelines on allocation of Inspector Posts (IP) and Assistant Superintendent of Posts (ASPs) to Postal Circles — reg.

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No. X-7/15/2021-SPN-II Government of India Ministry of Communications Department of Posts DakBhawan, Sansad Marg New Delhi — 110 001  Dated: 03rd July, 2023

To,  All Chief Postmasters General.

I am directed to refer to this office letter of even number dated 15.02.2023 on the above mentioned subject wherein instructions related to allocation of Inspector Posts (Direct recruitment & LDCE), Allotment of ASP on promotion and Inter-Circle transfer of Inspector Posts and Assistant Superintendent of Posts were issued.

2. In continuation to the aforesaid letter dated 15.02.2023, following guidelines have been approved by the Competent Authority:-

(A) Allotment of Inspector Posts (Direct Recruit) to Postal Circles :-

a. Allocation of Direct Recruit (DR) candidates for appointment as Inspector Posts to Postal Circle will be done on ‘merit-cum-preference’ basis

b. In order to maintain manpower balance across Postal Circles, Department shall decide number of vacancies that can be made available for allocation in each Circle.

(B) Allotment of ASP on promotion / IP selected through LDCE:-

a. Allotment of Circles to officials on promotion to ASP / IP (LDCE) shall be done by a Committee to be chaired by DDG (Personnel) with Director (SPN) and ADG (SPG) as members. Broad principle to be adopted for allocation shall be ag under:-

i. Allotment of officials on promotion to IP through LDCE and ASP through DPC shall initially be made to their home Circle, subject to availability of vacancy. While doing so, officials going ‘to retire on superannuation within one year shall he given priority,

ii. Officials who could not be allocated to their home Circle due to non-availability of vacancy shall be allocated to other Postal Circles according prierity to higher deficit Circle, 

b. Recommendations of the committee shall be placed before Member (Personnel) for consideration / approval

(C) Inter-Circle transfer of IP and ASPs:-

a. Request of IP/ASP for Inter-Circle transfer shall continue to be received through online transfer portal only.

b. Eligibility conditions as applicable for transfer under Rule-38 for other cadres shall also apply for Inter-Circle transfer of IP/ASP.

c. Inter-Circle transfer requests of IP and ASP shall be placed before a Committee chaired by DDG (Personnel) with Director (SPN) and ADG (SPG) as members.

d. Committee shall first consider pending transfer requests before deciding allocation of officials to be promoted as ASP / IP (LDCE) and

e. Recommendations of the committee shall be placed before Member (Personnel) for consideration / approval.

f. Transfer requests shall not be considered every now and then. There shall be a gap of minimum 3 months period between two sittings of the Committee. However, the Committee shall meet even before 3 months if allocation is required due to promotion / availability of direct recruit candidates.

g. All pending transfer requests shall be arranged in following manner for consideration by the Committee:-

i. PwBD officials

ii. IP and ASP who have served for not less than 2 years in Assam, Jammu & Kashmir, and North East Circle;

iii. IP/ASP on return from deputation from APS;

iv. Transfer on ‘Spouse Grounds’;

v. All Other IP/ASP including the IP/ASP returning from deputation from others organizations. 

Note - All requests within each category mentioned above shall be arranged with reference to date of submission of request on online portal and date of receipt in cases of officials returning from deputation.

3. If any of the provisions of this communication is at variance with provisions of any other communication including the aforesaid communication dated - 15.02.2023, provisions of this communication shall prevail.

Yours faithfully,

(Dileep Singh Sengar)Assistant Director General (SPN)

Copy to:

(a) Sr. PPS / PS to Secretary (Posts) / DGPS

(b) Sr. PPS / PS to all Members Postal Services Board

(c) Sr. DDG(Vig) & CVO / Director RAKNPA / All DDsG

(d) Addl DG, Army Postal Services

(e) Portal Upload, CEPT for uploading on India Post website

(f) Office copy / Guard file

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