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Expected DA from july 2023 is 4% (46%) | for central government employees as per the CPI press release

It is assumed from the AICPIN Points for April 2023 that the Central Government Employees DA Rate may increase to 46 % from July 2023. As per the CPI Press Release, major 41 Centres recorded a maximum increase of 4.1 points (Howrah) and a minimum of 0.1 Points. On the contrary, 15 other centres recorded decrease between 1.9 points to 0.1 points. Rest of four centres index remained stationary.

So All India Average increased 0.9 Points and that made the AICPIN to reach 134.2 points Level. From October 2022 to February 2023, the CPI Index is moving between 132.5 and 132.7 Points. So this 0.5 Points fluctuation makes no impact on DA calculation. Now an increase of 0.9 points in AICPIN will put pressure on the DA calculation to increase the Central Govt Employees DA Rate from 42% to 46%.

What is the Current DA Rate for Central Government Employees ?

The current rate of DA for Central Government Employees is 42% with effect from 1st January 2023

What is the expected DA rate from July 2023?

As per the DA calculation formula, we need average of 12 Months AICPIN from July 2022 to calculate the exact rate of DA from July 2023. But after the release of AICPIN from April 2023, it is expected that the rate of DA may increase from 42% to 46% .

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