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EOY Execution Instructions for DOP CBS Finacle 2023 | Download Instruction regarding execution of EOY for 2022-23 in CBS Post offices in PDF

EOY (End of year) Execution Instructions for 2022-2023 in DOP CBS Finacle Post Offices.

F.No.CB-25/41/2021 -FS-DOP

(FS Division)

Dated: 23.03.2023.

Sub: Instruction regarding execution of EOY for 2022-23 in CBS offices.

Download DOP CBS Finacle EOY Instructions 2023 in PDF

Following instructions are to be followed in CBS Post Offices/CPCs for executing End of Year (EOY) activities for 2022-23 -

(A). Instructions regarding execution of EOY for 2022-23 in CBS offices:

i. In view of End of Year Operations, 1st April, 2023 is declared as no transaction day and there will be no transaction across counters. A public notice should be put on the notice board of all CBS Post Offices that due to End of Year, no transaction will be accepted on 01.04.2023. However, ATMS & Mobile/lnternet Banking will be operational on 01.04.2023.

ii. Post Offices will accept cheques for credit in POSB schemes on 01.04.2023. As 01.04.2023 (Saturday) is Clearing Holiday and 02.04.2023 is Sunday, therefore CTS application will not be available on both these days as there is validation in the CTS application to check System date and CTS application date. Hence, Outward cheques cen be scanned only on 03/04/2023 (Monday). Post Offices to ensure that the same are processed expeditiously keeping in mind the fact that sth is crucial date for interest calculation in PPF and SSA.

iii. Salary and Pension uploads in HRMS for POSB lnterface will be processed in CBS after completion of EOD for 31st March, 2023 which is expected to be completed by O2.O4.2O23 lale evening. CBS GL Reports in Finacle will be available to users post completion of EOY activities only and Daily Reports in CSI will be available on 04.04.2023.

iv. CBS Post Otfices should ensure that no account or modification in accounts of SB/PPF/SSAJNSS-87/NSS-92 remains unverified as interest posting will not happen for any account with pending verification on 31 .03.2023. Concerned staff should be alerted so that such lapses are avoided.

v. All CBS Post Offices, on 31 .03.2023, should do transactions latest up to 1700 hours and verify all the transactions simultaneously so that there may be no EOD Blocking Transactions at 1700 hours. All CBS Post Offices should complete HISCOD latest by 1800 hours, except those SOLS which await clearing information from the respective HOs. CPC should monitor this activity and any blocking validation should be reported to CEPT EOD Team and CEPT Team, immediately on noticing, so that solution can be provided well in time.

vi. CEPT Team will be disabling certain menus according to the requirements during EOY Batch execution to control resource utilization. CPCS will be kept informed from time-to-time on this and should coordinate with their SOLS & update them whenever found necessary.

vii. On submission of HISCOD on 31.03.2023, users of the SOLS will be disabled and no further transactions will be allowed.

viii. All the concerned teams who are part of the EOY activities (CPC SPOCS, EOD Support Team, CEPT Team) should be available and ensure that EOY activities are completed smoothly.

ix. Reports on Annual Interest Posting, Silent Account Marking, Silent Account Fee Collection, Closure of zero balance accounts will be shared through CPCS by the end of second week of April.

(B). Instructions for CPCs:

i. CPCs should call post offices under their jurisdiction on 31.03.2023, help in clearing blocking validations and ensure smooth completion of HISCOD.

ii. HSCOD wlll be executed by CEPT team centrally; CPC teams should be available till HSCOD is completed for all their respective SOLS.

iii. All CPCs will remain open during the night of 31 .03.2023 and duties of staff should be notified in shifts.

(C). Instruction for nodal cheque clearing office:

i. It is expected that a special clearing session will be conducted by all the three grids till late on 31/03/2023 to ( clearance of government cheques/ dues. participation in the same and processing these cheques may be ensured.

Circles/Regions/Divisions should ensure that these instructions are followed scrupulously by all CBS Post Offices and CPCs.

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