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IPPB BYOD Request form in PDF | Request for enrolling in “Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)” of the India Post Payments Bank

IPPB (India Post Payments Bank) Request for enrolling in “Bring Your Own Device Policy (BYOD)”.

Download IPPB BYOD Request form in PDF

I hereby request to approve enrolment under BYOD policy of the bank. Kindly approve my following mobile

phone and biometric device, owned by myself.

Device OEM :


IMEI 1 :

IMEI 2 :

Telecom Service Provider:

In compliance to India post payments bank, BYOD policy, I further confirm that:

1. I acknowledge that I have understood and agree to the requirements of BYOD Policy of India Post Payments Bank Ltd (hereinafter referred as “the bank”) and I understand the requirements and expectations of me as an user.

2. I understand that using my personal device and personal SIM card with data plan, for work purposes is an option offered by the bank and is not obligatory.

3. I understand the privacy concerns and provide my assent to this information being collected by the system, having being assured that this information will only be used for work related purposes and as per the applicable regulations.

4. I understand the minimum device configuration requirements are set out by the bank. I accept that competent authority and controllers at the bank will decide whether my device meets those requirements. I also understand that the minimum device requirements may be subject to change at any time and that it is my responsibility to remain informed.

5. I undertake to ensure that my device and data contained therein is appropriately secured from loss, theft or use by unauthorized persons. I also agree that the bank will have access and authority over the device for the sole purpose of protecting bank’s and its customer related data and access on the device.

6. I understand that the bank has the authority to deploy controls to safeguard and manage the device and in such an event, the BYOD devices may be remotely wiped of IPPB’s application and data available in the respective container.

7. I acknowledge that I am responsible for replacing, maintaining and obtaining technical support for my device; except in the case of applications that the bank has provided.

8. I understand that access to bank’s systems and data is provided at the sole discretion of the bank and may be revoked at any time without prior notice or any reason thereof.

9. In case of loss of device, I undertake to report the same to IPPB within 24 hours for wiping out the information residing within the work-profile at the earliest as a risk control measure. I alsoundertake to report to local police authorities for lodging an FIR to this effect.

 1. BCs are also responsible for notifying / lodging a compliant to their mobile carrier immediately upon loss of a device.

2. IPPB is entitled to take an appropriate disciplinary action including termination, in case any noncompliance with this policy is observed.

3. I acknowledge that IPPB shall not reimburse the BCs for compensation against loss of the device and charges pertaining to device repair, replacement against any damage, SIM card subscription, data plan coverages, or any other costs associated with his or her device functioning etc.

4. The devices, mobile and biometric, will be complaint with the necessary certification such as BIS, ROHS etc. required for operations in India, to ensure the quality, safety, and reliability of the devices and IPPB shall not be liable to compensate the BCs for any harm to self or others on accounts of its usage.

5. I confirm that I have read and understood the terms of this acceptance form and the requirements of bank’s BYOD policy and I will ensure adherence to the same.

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