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    PLI RPLI Incentive Payments SOP | Steps (Procedure) for PLI RPLI Incentive Trial Stament Generation in Post Office (DOP) McCamish (CIS) Online System

    Department of Post (DOP) has introduced the PLI RPLI Incentive Payments processing through system from the month of August 2022. Earlier Trail statement issue has been resolved, Now Postal Circles can able to generate PLI (Postal Life Insurance) Incentive Reports from the System. 

    Steps (Procedure) for PLI RPLI Incentive Payments Report Generation in System:

    1. Rate verification for PLI and RPLI products:

    Administrator> Commission > Rates

    Select the Processing unit as “VPAS” and click on “Search” button

    On below “Commission Rtes- List” screen, click on the ‘details’ link for the selected/ highlited entry:

    2. Verifcation of PLI/RPLI policy wise agent commission calculation:

    Enter the Policy number and click on Search button

    The Commission History –list screen is displayed with the policy wise  commission details

    Click on the “Details” hyperlink

    The below screen will display with basic details

    Now here click on “Commission Details” tab

    Below Commission details for agent will get displayed

    Here Click on ‘+’ link with agent ID:

    Below details will get displayed for the calculated commission.

    Click on ‘View Rate Details’ link 

    This will further display the 93% bifurcation of calculated commission

    3. Generation of PLI RPLI Incentive trail statement for disbursement:

    3.1 Find the adviser for the agent for disbursement with respect to the agent.

    Enter the Advisor/Agent Profile number and click on Search Button

    The below screen will get displayed with details of Advisor coordinator for the agent.

    Here click on the “Advisor Co-ordinator” link.

    Below screen will be displayed with Avisor#.

    Copy the Advisor from the above screen and navigate to the below screen to create the trail statement

    Here click on Create link

    Enter the copied adviser ID and click on Find

    Enter the AC/ adviser details:

    Click on search & select the same

    Finally click on the “Submit” button to generate the Trial statement

    Trail statement is successfully generated

    Now View & approve the rail statement

    Click on View statement

    The trail statement generated with below details

    Now to approve the trail statement, select the below value from the “Action” dropdown and click on 

    the side “submit” button

    Now for applying for disbursement percentage, click on “Apply Part Disbursement” button in the above  screen

    Now this is the dynamic percentage field, enter 93% here and click on “Submit”

    Now to view if the Final Statement is generated after applying for disbursement

    See the final statement is generated

    Click on the “ Details” link for the latest generated final statement, the below screen will be displayed 

    with all the required details

    4. Flow for final disbursement/payment of commission to the PLI RPLI agent.

    Enter the agent id in “Payee Profile Number”

    Click on details link on above screen, below “Disbursement Detail” page will be displayed

    Here Click on edit button & enter the required details, by selected the correct option from the “Payment 

    status” dropdown field, cheque number and then finally click on the “Submit” button

    Finally the status has been changed to PAID.

    Disbursement is done, this can also be verified from the below updated status

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