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MCQ On Method of Address | Quiz Questions and Answers on PO Guide Part 1 Clause No 26 - 31 | GDS, Postman, MTS, PA SA Exam MCQ Set [54]

MCQs On Method of Address, Multiple choice questions and answers (MCQs) on PO Guide Part 1 Clause No 26 - 31 . SOP, Short Notes, PPT, PDF, Quiz,Online Test, Mock Test, Previous Questions and Answers, Solved Papers.Useful for Postal Exams/LDCE IPO Exam/PS Group B Exam/LGO Exams/GDS to Postman/MTS/Mail Gaurd/PA/SA Exams in postal department.

1. The Following particulars should always be furnished in the address in the case of Mails for Defence Services Personnel serving in the Army and Air Force

A No.

B Rank

C Name and unit

D All the above




2. Method of address are defined in the ______ ?

A Clause No 26 to Clause 31 of PO Guide Part I

B Clause No 15 to Clause 26 of PO Guide Part II

C Clause No 09 to Clause 14 of PO Guide Part II

D Clause No 05 to Clause 08 of PO Guide Part I




3. Recall of article can be permitted by?

A Regional PMG

B Divisional Head

C Delivery office Sub Postmaster

D Sub Divisional Head




4. If article is received addressed c/o Post Box but the addressee has ceased to be the renter of a post box, the article should be?

A Delivered to the addressee after ascertaining his full address

B Returned to RLO

C Returned to Sender

D Delivered to Addressee with penalty




5. Every article should bear name and address of the sender on the bottom corner for the purpose of?

A In case of non delivery to return it to the sender unopened and without delay

B In the large number of unregistered article are destroyed every year in various RLO

C Both A & B

D None of the above




6. Where one should write the Sender address?

A Anywhere on the postal article

B On the bottom lower left hand corner of the article

C On the back of the article

D On the top upper right corner of the article



7. In case of article addressed to foreign countries the address should be written in?

A Roman letters and Arabic figures

B Roman Letters

C Latin figures

D Arabic Letters and Roman Figures




8. A list of high government officers entitled to the privilege of delivery of their mails to them whenever they are on tour within India will found in which clause of Po Guide Part 1?

A 54

B 105

C 206

D 270




9. Why the address on correspondence should be complete and definite?

A To avoid delay to correspondence and mistake in delivery

B To ensure easy transmission of article

C To ensure delivery at destination to the addressee without any elaborate enquiry

D all the above



10. The prompt delivery of a postal article is greatly facilitated if?

A It is addressed in correct manner

B It is addressed in well manner

C It is addressed in perfect manner

D It is addressed in elucidate manner



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