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BPEF (Bharatiya Postal Employees Federation) Charter of Demands 2022 | BPEF Strike Notice | BPEF Strike on 02nd August 2022


(An All India Industrial Unit of BMS)

CHQ : T-21, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi- 110 001

No. BPEF/ Notice / Demonstration/ 2022 Dated: 12-07-2022.

Download BPEF Charter of Demands 2022 in PDF

Due to not having proper disposal of urgent problems raised by BPEF affiliated Unions like provision of OPS instead of NPS, merger of CRS & NSH, Giving POSB work to IPPB, Benchmark for MACP etc. it has been decided in accordance with the provisions of Sub Rule (1) of Section 22 of the Industrial Dispute Act 1947 , the undersigned hereby notify that all the employees of this union will participate in the under mentioned agitation program i.e one night Demonstration in support of the Charter of Demands (Attached herewith) as per date noted below.

Mode of Agitation Program|

02.08.2022 (06:00pm) to | 15 hours 30 Minutes, Dharna Programme w.e.f from 06:00 PM to (09:30 am) of 03.08.2022 | 09:30 AM at all the Divisional Headquarters. |

Important Note:

On 02.8.2022 all the employees shall wear black badge on their hands and perform their duties in | routine way in the Day and after duty hours they will sit on Dharna form 06:00 pm in the interest of our Nation, Department and the workers. | BPEF (BMS) do not belief to go on STRIKE every time because the Department is giving proper attention for services issue and also there are so many pattern of agitation/demonstration. By giving STRIKE Notice without exhausting other channels, some unions are damaging the reputation of the Postal Department.

website: www.bpefsg.blogspot.in Email: s.k.singhrajpoottirst@gmail.com Mob. 09450395010-8178437262

BPEF Charter of Demands are:

1 As per the recent decisions of the Department, that the work of POSB will be merged to IPPB Ltd The general employees have apprehended that the share of the IPPB Ltd. may be sold by the Govt. to the private parties. The unions demand for giving clear cut declaration and also guarantee that the share of IPPB may not be given to private parties.

2 Previously due to agreement by recognized unions after their foreign tour, the 101 RMS offices were closed, Recently department has proposed to merge CRC and SPC(ICH/NSH) and the general employees have apprehended that again a large number of RMS offices will be closed.

3. Stop New Pension Scheme and restore Old Pension Scheme to all of the employees or guaranteed payment of 50% minimum pension in the New Pension Scheme.

4. Start cadre restructuring of RMS & MMS & CO/RO & SBCO and Civil wing officials and ensure cadre review of all cadres once in five years vide DOPT norms to get 5 norm based seniority quota promotions to each and every cadre during their career.

5. Withdraw benchmark system in APAR grading to give MACP promotions to the employees.

6. Immediate recruit Postman and MTS throughout the country and to create new beat area in all the developing cities.

7. Start motorcycle allowance to all the postmen worked with motorcycle in their beat area.

8 Implement Rule-38 transfer orders regularly throughout the country. Though there are clear order of Rule-38 transfer and temporary transfer, many circles were not implemented the same due to ignorance of Dte's order.

9. The old rate of commutation of pension should be enhanced immediately.

10. Stop harassment of BPEF members by the Administration throughout the country.

11. Derecognize the trade union facility to all the recognized unions/ federation who are donating money to the Political parties as well as to the movements against the GOI like Kishan Andolon.

12. As per the Group C cadre restructure bilateral written agreement, grant HSG I NFG promotion to all HSG I officials after completing 2 years HSG I service without restriction. Stop identifying HSG I NFG posts.

13. Grant officiating pay and allowances to selection grade Supervisors. Even after Postal Directorate instructions, Circles are totally denying officiating pay and allowances to such posts.

14. Convene review DPCs at all Postal Circles to HSG II(PO) and HSG I(PO) cadres vide para xii. b guidelines of Postal Directorate letter No. 25-04/2012-PE | (Vol.III) dated 5.10.18.

15. Fill 4 pending clerical line quota PS Group B LDCE 2020 posts with next meritorious candidates without delay. :

16. Classify Gazetted status to HSG | and HSG | NFG cadre officials with financial powers.

17. Grant mobile allowance of Rs.500 per month to the Postman staff who are using their own smart phones to operate PMA, IPPB, CELC applications etc.,

18 One time relaxation to get compassionate appointments by all the dependents waiting for a long period beyond the point system.

19. Ensure proper SIFY network maintenance, Network speed and server response for the better functioning of Postal services. NSP 2 is not working in the most of the offices.

20. Stop victimization of the officials in the name of subsidiary offenders. Invoke Public Defaultant act to recover the loss from the principle offenders.

21. 4 AD Sorting Posts & 4 AD Recruitment posts are already reserved for RMS/MMS and CO&RO cadre staff respectively but illegally enjoyed by the ASP cadre officials till date. So such posts should have been included in the RMS/MMS & CO/RO staff cadre restructure to ensure PS Group B promotion through seniority quota.

22. Ensure 10% seniority quota AAO cadre promotion to SBCO and Accounts wing cadre staff.

23. Stop merging Assistant manager Mail Motor posts with Inspector Line.

24. Ensure same HRA in same division like Income Tax and Railways Departments. For example Lucknow(UP), Tambaram (TN), N.Hooghly(WB) Divisions

25. Immediately stop the recovery of double transport allowance to physically handicapped officials.

26. Provision of separate toilets and Tiffin rooms to the lady staff at all the offices and stop harassment of women employees in sanctioning/granting CCL DP

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